Jan. 16th, 2009

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Umm ... when that machine proves itself to be a loyal friend and sticks with us through all. Like Athena.
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And of course I'll be stuck waiting for it to come to hulu tomorrow. *sniff* Life is unfair.

So I did dress like Laura Roslin today, although I recently got a haircut and curling it really wasn't the brightest idea. I looked like Gaius Baltar from the neck up! But at least I have a Halloween costume for next year.

Hopefully I'll get acess to a camera and I'll picspam. And artwork spam, because tonight is a night of awesomeness. Stay tuned.


Jan. 16th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Oh my frakking gods, IT'S HERE!!!!!
Season 4.5 is here on the sunny Pacific coast! Alas, because I HAVE NO FRAKKING CABLE, I'll have to wait tomorrow to watch the first awesome episode. Gah.

All the photos of me in my "Laura Roslin" costume turned out awful fugly, so I'm not posting them. I'll draw it if y'all want me to, though! ;]

Anyways, here's an artspam of some of my BSG artwork! Might as well look back. ;]
Pretty pretty piccies under the cut )

So that's that. I'm already starting a costume study for Laura's outfits (to prevent future fugly outfits like that hideous green coat) and will get the Opera House hairstyle up sooner or later. Hopefully tomorrow. :]

~Lily, who is still complaining about her lack of cable. Gosh, even though my parents have three houses (two of which are rented out to people), we don't have frakking cable. What the frak?


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