Feb. 15th, 2009

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...ish. Internet is still bipolar.
I'm back home from da mountains though. There's snow. Yay! But I forgot my camera. Awww. And appropriate footwear. Frak!

I drew more sticky note doodles, including a pressie for pandorabox. It's her b-day today. Yay!

It's misscam's b-day on the 20th! Whoo!

I'm currently downloading the latest BSG ep to watch when intrawebz are down.
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I am so frakking sorry about this. Frakking internet.doodles under the cut )Happy Birfday, pandorabox82! )
(and blame the scanner for lack of corners)
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This is an interlude in "Past Lives", because it's not set within an episode. Hope you like. Hugs and kisses to [livejournal.com profile] laurawillows  for betaing.

Title: The Calm Before The Storm
Author: Lily Winterwood
Rating: M
Fandom: BSG
Characters: Laura Roslin, Bill Adama
Pairings: A/R
Summary: Set between "Disquiet" and "Oath". Bill and Laura get cozy on the couch while Earth!Bill pops the question.
Disclaimer: Me no own, you no sue. Me wish own. You still no sue, y/y?


When he exits, he has seen Bill Adama lying in the arms of Laura Roslin. )


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