Feb. 26th, 2009

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This is a drabble written (quite belatedly) for the Porn-a-Thon hosted by [info]gayfortinafey and [info]multicolour. The prompts I used are “Lee seeing them” and “Adama’s desk”.

Title: Ever Heard of Knocking?
Author: Lily Winterwood
Rating: M
Fandom: BSG
Characters: Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, Lee Adama
Pairings: A/R
Summary: Awkwardness just gained new meaning
Disclaimer: BSG belongs to Ron D. Moore and co.

It isn’t loud enough for the Fleet to hear, but Bill hears it well enough. )
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I've converted my friend Caitlyn and my former seventh grade science teacher (who is now also a friend) over to BSG. Go me!

They're both going through Season One right now, though Caitlyn keeps herself updated on the new stuff as well. Mrs. F is considering getting her son (Liam, captain of an airline! See the "Past Lives" potential, hmm?) hooked onto BSG as well. Yay! The more the merrier. I need people to squee with.

Another friend Daniel has a buddy named Mark Oliver who likes BSG. :] :] :]

So far, Caitlyn is watching the "Lee/Kara, Kara/Anyone in the days before she realizes Lee is her twoo wuv, Gaius/Anyone, and Sharon/Helo" show, but Mrs. F is watching the "Adama/Roslin" show. Like me. And she considers Laura as her hero, except for the part where she didn't get mammograms on a yearly basis and thus has her severe, inoperable case of breast cancer. I agree. I mean, Mrs. F had breast cancer as well (and seeing that her first name's Lori and she uses reading glasses and has red hair and a hubby named Bill, I'm getting even more freaked out), but she detected it in the early stages and stuff. Seventh grade science teachers need to set an example, non?

I don't know why writing Adama/Roslin fic, including smut, is easier than writing Tolkien fanfic in general. Maybe it's because it's so hard to get into an Elf's mind? *scratches head*
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sticky note doodle icons and also some of A/R holding hands on New Caprica...

here at [livejournal.com profile] lepetitrien 


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