Mar. 5th, 2009

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"Rape Row Sparks Excommunications"--[ profile] misscam 's already posted it on her lj. I got pissed at it and I didn't want to spam her lj with a lengthy rant about why I'm losing my faith in humanity, so I'm ranting here.

What. The. Fuck. (You know I'm really pissed when I use that word.)

That archbishop excommunicated the guys who terminated a NINE-YEAR-OLD RAPE VICTIM'S pregnancy! Is his mental radar rusty or something? Cos if I was that archbishop, I'd be damning the fucking RAPIST, not the people who HELPED the VICTIM! Maybe he read his Bible upside-down or something, because such an act like that is just... wow. Epic fucking fail.

That girl's uterus could barely contain one kid, but she got knocked up with TWINS. And she was NINE. A nine-year-old nearly became a mother--gee, let's condemn those guys who saved her life! Geez LOUISE. In cases like these, abortions are helpful. Obviously the archbishop got appointed for something other than having common sense.

I'm a Christian, too, and I'm seriously disappointed that the Catholics could do such an act of asshat-ery and FAIL. Seriously. So what if the Law of God was above human law? I'm sure it is, but I'm also just as sure that God would rather have you excommunicate the fucking rapist than the victim's helpers. I'm sure God loves the little children enough to want to let them live without having the fear of rape and pregnancies! I'm sure he loves us enough that if any nine-year-old girl got knocked up because she was raped, he would have agreed that abortion would have been in her best interests. Seriously.

And just now I remember why the heck I thought that the Catholics were loony--it also says that the Church opposed abortion for other young rape victims. Fuck that. No one wants a reminder of such trauma.


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