Apr. 9th, 2009

lily_winterwood: (not another mary sue bsg)
We had a two-day mock-trial for John Brown. Yeah, for two days I wore a suit to school. I love my suit jacket; it's very presidential. ;]

The trial's utter fail, btw. Mr. W seriously rigged it. What the frak? We found Brown innocent and he turned the camera off and yelled at us.

I was a defense witness whose character's father was in the prosecution. Does that remind you of anyone? Especially since I tried to make a passionate speech about justice and my "dad" was all like, "wtf?". It was LOL. And the judge kept spinning around in his chair. The baliff swore in the attorney instead of the witness, which was LOL, too. And Caitlyn was doing camera duty and constantly zoomed in on people's zits and freckles and stuff. x]

I want a blooperreel. I mean, I seriously screwed up my part... :P Hopefully no one will call me out on bad grammar 'cos I used "me and my friend" instead of "my friend and I". It's called NERVES. :P

In other news...
I made three animated "Battlestar Twilightica" icons. Why, no, this isn't supposed to be a jab at ANYTHING. *looks innocent*.
of three things i was absolutely positive )
(unfortunately the second and the third are too big for LJ. I have no idea how to "downsize" them. :P)

I also made icons off of the kittycats.
cat, i'm a kittycat. and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance. )


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