Apr. 10th, 2009


Apr. 10th, 2009 01:03 pm
lily_winterwood: (not another mary sue bsg)

I'm reading Twilight for the first time. The verdict so far is...

Bella's borderline-Sue as of this moment. Edward's pretty cool, I haven't seen Jacob yet, and it seems to me that everyone frakking LOVES Bella here. Um. WTF, man?

Right now, she's clumsy, yes. She looks plain (but people think she looks nice, I guess). She's related to the police chief, she's done just about everything in the cirriculum (and was in AP in Phoenix), she can cook, and she's got Perfect McPerfection mildly interested in her.

Once again, I'm reserving on dealing the final Mary Sue sentence. I can smell a downward spiral into Suedom for her, though.

But otherwise, it's pretty interesting.

In other news, Mrs. F got to the part in S3 where the resistance escapes! :] I printed out [livejournal.com profile] misscam 's latest story (A Murder on Galactica, the best mystery fanfic I've read so far. Laik srsly) and read bits of it to her. She likes it. :]

*happy dance* I'm going to Vegas and the Grand Canyone tomorrow! And I might have intrawebz cos mom's bringing da laptop. Yay!


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