May. 2nd, 2009

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Because this cartoon nearly makes me wish I was atheist.

That cartoon depicts someone being converted to Christianity through what could be the most shallow and religion-ist way possible, I swear. I mean, even the guys at my church have more sense than that Bob feller. They're more open-minded.

But oh no, Bob has to put down evolution and stuff as a "religion of scientists who laugh at God." Hello? I'm a Christian and I can follow both Creationism and Darwinism at the same time, so why can't you? Religionist fucker.

And then he goes on to spew bullshit about finding footprints of humans with dinosaurs. That, like I just said, is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

It pisses me off just how easily his covertees give in. The average convertee takes nearly a year to decide she or he wants to join the church (I should know). It makes Bob look like a Gary Stu with Jesus-like Powahs of Convershun. NO ONE OTHER THAN JESUS CAN DO THAT.

Don't get me started on his bull about "your teacher's been brainwashed". MRS. F WAS NOT BRAINWASHED.

So yes, Bob, EPIC FAIL. You got a Christian wishing you death. Someone send him out an airlock (preferably down to Hell).

I needed that off of my chest.
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You can find some pretty stock icons off of [ profile] misscam 's photos of Norway in springtime here at [ profile] lepetitrien . :]


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