May. 25th, 2009

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(btw, I'm lilywinterwood there, if you've been hunting around for me. :P I doubt that, though. Even if "Lost on ABC" is one of the few following me there [and that leads me to think "why the hell is Lost following a BSG fan?"].)

Anyways. I went camping with a bunch of other people from my Chinese school. I know, fun fun. Whatever. I'm going to ditch Chinese in favor of French anyways... that language is absurd. You have to learn more than 26 characters...and I kinda lost track after 100.

Back to the main topic. I went camping. It wasn't the whole "Lily in the Rough" thing with bear attacks and canoeing and pissing in the was relatively civilized. We went to a Recreational Area, which means that there were actual, functioning (No comment about clean, though. I think a bunch of squirrels attacked the toilet paper in the ladies' room.) restroom and shower facilities. My aunt, being the nature-phobe that she can be at times (meaning that she loves hiking and stuff, but draws the line at sleeping outdoors in a nylon tent in a place where mountain lions and bears are rare, but have been spotted), rented out a yurt. If some of my f-listers can't remember their history lessons, I'll just drop a hint about them...they're slightly more sturdy than your average tent, and the Mongolians used them (I think they still use them) because of their nomadic lifestyle. These yurts weren't going anywhere, mostly due to the fact that they've got two bunk beds in them and electricity. My parents set up a tent at the campground a few minutes away from the yurts.

Camping was pretty awesome. We went boating and fishing on the huge pretty lake nearby (no swimming--the lake was a source of fresh water, and besides, who wants to swim in algae-infested lakewater, anyways?) and we also invaded visited the nearby town of Solvang. Solvang's a pretty and quaint town heavily influenced by Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and (most obviously) Denmark. We had some Aebelskiver (or whatever the frak you call them; I prefer to call them pancake balls) and visited an art and history museum. My friend Vickie was on a diet and got a little addicted to the pancake balls. Her sister Angelina didn't help. Really.

Angelina: Come on, Vickie, I'll share!
Vickie: Food is a drug. Food is a drug. You get this momentary pleasure and then...FAT.

I saw a Norway flag and I squeed.

Back at the campsite, we had a huge campfire and toasted marshmallows (l love setting them on fire). We also played Mafia two times and the second time around I swear we played the naughtiest game of Mafia known to our age group (aka Teenage Virgins Who Know Just Enough About Sex To Be Overly Perverted [and in my case, write smutfic]) . Now I know what it's like to be the star of RPF. :P

cut for innuendo, courtesy of Daniel )
But besides that, camp was great. :P


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