Jun. 1st, 2009

lily_winterwood: (alter-ego is prez grey's anatomy)
Ah, life is epic.

Over the weekend I drew the same person for about 130 times, running the person through every emotion LJ has a moodtheme for. No reason, I guess.

Probably not going to do it again. :P

Today we filmed a scene for our video. (We only really had an hour) I had this big-ass statistics dump and a few other scenes before I get kidnapped! Haha! We played around with makeup and wigs; Mrs. F let us borrow hers now that her hair's growing out (it's freaking CURLY when it used to be just fluffy and epic!). She has a wavy brown one, a short black one, and two red ones. Rachel and Caitlyn looked awesome in the two red wigs. Rachel moreso than Caitlyn, but Caitlyn's wig had a near-mullet. :P She was all like, "I look like a guy with boobs!" and stuff.

Caitlyn was being pretty frakking perverted. She was laughing at all of the awkward parts and we had a blooper where the camera started and she forgot her lines. Off camera she had a fake British accent. It was epic, haha.

And there was the end part where I'm in the bushes and I get attacked... Caitlyn put on a lot of makeup for that one and wore my swooshy LotR cloak. She then proceeded to pick me up and I was screaming. For reals. ;P

Tomorrow we're doing some more filming. Yay?


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