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And it's also the saddest, cos after this I'm going to a different school and I won't see Mrs. F the Awesome anymore! *sniff* I think I'm already exhibiting withdrawal symptoms. :[

Anyways. We went to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park today as a field trip and everyone was planning to go on Silver Bullet, which goes upside-down way too many times for my comfort. And apparently Ms. C (a different Ms. C. not the one who is un-epic because she doesn't care much about Mary McDonnell, but one whose name gets mispelled to "Cain" a LOT.) was scared of rollercoasters and Mrs. F hates going upside-down (just like me! :]) so we avoided the hour-long wait there. (even if it's a weekday there were at least 200 kids in our group and there were also other schools.)

Mrs. F: I don't like getting that pressure on my head when I go upside-down. I think in a past life I was someone who went to Home Depot and a beam accidentally fell and bonked me on the head.

She was also wearing this "Evolution" t-shirt that had a monkey progressing to a girl on a bike. It was awesome.

Mrs. F: They forgot the next part - her falling off. *turns to Mrs. O (the librarian) and Ms. C* Did I tell you about my fall from the bike? Bill was telling me how to get off and I was just rolling my eyes at him and I tried it *motions getting off of a bike* and I made this face at him *makes a face* and - BAM - I fell.
Mrs. O: No way.
Mrs. F: I know! But anyways, the next day, Bill was out for his 10:00 ride - he doesn't work too far from home so he gets to do that - and there's this neighbor - y'know, the airline pilot (holy crap, she's surrounded by pilots! ;])? The one who flies an Airbus? Anyways, she stopped and Bill stopped to say hi and... he fell.
Me: Ha.
Mrs. F: It was SPETACULAR. Out of a scale of 1 to 10, she gave him a 9.

Mrs. O also talked about how she mistook Mr. A's (former lang. arts teacher, also made of epic win and looks like Baltar with a haircut and a goatee) Chinese-symbol tattoo for a paw print tattoo. And also how she mistook a trophy for a bear with a hat on his head. And also how she mistook piping for a stray dog. Mrs. F and I then chatted about summer plans (we're both sleeping in, but she'll be biking down to the beach and I'll be hiking). And all this time, we were waiting in line to go on the Log Ride.

Before that, we met up at Ghostrider. We were going to ride it together but it was closed. :P So we decided to go on the log ride and buy a funnel cake (Mrs. F loves them, especially smothered in boysenberry). Mrs. O "protected" a bunch of random kids with funnel cakes from her when we walked past them.

Mrs. O: I'm protecting them from you, Lori. We all know how you get when you see a funnel cake. ;]

Another teacher, Mrs. M, texted (yes, TEXTED) them telling them that she rode the Calico Mine Train Ride and the Log Ride and they should meet up at Lucy's Lunchbox. Mrs. F tried to get me to use her phone to text her. (Yes. I know. A teacher tried to make me text. Is the sky falling yet?)

Mrs. F: But you're a teen; you should know how to text!
Me: I don't text in class. *giggle* Besides, my mom doesn't let me.

But that was before the ride. So we'll fast forward a bit.

Okay. I was sitting in the front (the teachers were using me as a human umbrella, lol) and behind me was Mrs. F, then Ms. C, and then Mrs. O. The log went up and then did a little drop. Mrs. F screamed.

And then she proceeded to scream at every little drop of water that got in the log.

Mrs. F: Wait. Is this log floating by itself or is it on a track?
Me: It's floating.

We passed by a sprinkler that turned off right before we go under. Mrs. F screamed.

We went into a dark tunnel and there was a sudden drop. Everyone screamed.

Then we went by audio-animatronic wolves, mountain lions, and bears.

Mrs. F: *pointing to a bear* Let's classify that. Is that Felis? Or is it... Lupus? (cat and wolf in Latin, respectively.)
Me: I think that's a bear.
Mrs. F: Ah! Ursa! (bear in Latin)

And then... *drumroll* we went up for the last drop.

Fwoom. Everyone screamed.

Mrs. F: I didn't remember this being so fast!
Mrs. O: Actually, I think it could have went faster. It's just that Anne and I had all the weight in the back and slowed it down.

So we got off and we looked for our photo. It was really fugly. I had my mouth open in a scream, Mrs. F's head was a little tilted and the wind screwed up her hair, and Ms. C's hair blocked out Mrs. O's face.

But in the end, it was totally epic. :]

After that, we went and bought a funnel cake! Mrs. F had it smothered with boysenberry and powdered sugar and she split it with us. A good deal of the sugar ended up on my lap though. I wonder why.

Mrs. F: Notice how that piece was about to fall and I pushed the plate in your direction. ;]

I messed around with her phone after that and took a bunch of photos of her so she can send them to Mr. L's (science teacher who dresses like a lumberjack but is funny) daughter. (backstory: Mr. L's daughter had Mrs. F for health once and was convinced that Mrs. F stayed away from stuff like funnel cake and was also itching to see Mrs. F pig out on unhealthy food.)

Today was totally epic. :] :] :] I'll miss everyone at my school so much. Especially Mrs. F.
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