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2020-01-01 06:26 pm
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Welcome to my dreamwidth. Feel free to leave your sanity at the door, because I sure won't have mine with me. Some things will be friendlocked, like my PPC missions. Comment and I might friend you. Otherwise, feel free to look around at my fanfic and fanart, along with stuff going on in my life right now. This is a mirror of my LJ, and I'm still going to be over there primarily.

By the way, my fanart can be used as bases for icons, if you're so inclined.

Account courtesy of the ever awesome [personal profile] misscam .
Banner courtesy of the lovely [ profile] spud66cat . Cheers!
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2009-08-18 11:45 am

Ben Barnes photomeme.

[profile] nnaylimegave me Ben Barnes for this photomeme. :D

in which Lily expresses her inner Fangirl )

So if you want to play, just tell me in the comments.
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2009-08-17 10:53 pm

Writer's Block: And the Apple Goes To

[Error: unknown template qotd]Sweet asses of Kobol, do you guys really not know?!?!


Why do I freaking love her like woah? She is EPIC. She was a former science teacher, now she's a freaking rock star of a best friend. She gave me an autographed photo of Mary McDonnell (and really, I think Mary could totally play her in some movie of my life. :P

Anyways, she likes BSG. That officially makes her one of the best people in my life, because she's someone who understands my insanity. She makes science fun and awesome and she references Cylons a lot (especially since she has 26 of them and one of them is named Liam (after her son, of course, but skipping that idea and the fact that he's the captain of an airline). How awesome is that? And she airlocks students (by making them go outside). And wears reading glasses and white crossover blouses and Wigs of Sad (because she had breast cancer).

And besides, her hubby read LotR and once served in the military and his name is Bill. That is awesomesauce right there because hers is a dimunitive of Laura. They met on a frakking plane.

Besides all of the awesome BSG references, she's a great friend and you can always trust her to keep secrets and cheer you up.
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2009-08-15 09:25 pm

Bagenders, fangirl style.

Aka: the "eight friends stuck in a house" meme from Facebook.

Pick 8 random friends you interact with a lot. (You’re number four.)
[ profile] icedteainthebag
[ profile] nnaylime
[ profile] laurawillows
[ profile] lily_winterwood
[ profile] angiescully
[ profile] xmaidelx
[ profile] misscam
[ profile] 37_idees_fixes

These eight people you just picked are stuck in a house with you for a whole year. There is no leaving the house at all until the year is completely up. If you had to choose a person for every question below, write down which person it would be.

BagEnders: Fangirl Edition )
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2009-08-15 05:07 pm

I has my test results.

And I am so frakking happy like woah.

Out of 600 possible points, I got 593 in history, 557 in science, 485 in English, and 463 in math. That, according to the state, is enough to get me into the advanced performance level.

Of course, these tests are crazily easy because the state wants to make everyone feel smart while non-US kids kick their asses. Honestly, that history test was so frakking easy that any kid in my class could have done it in their sleep. Got a 100 in the US history and Constitution section - should I take the citizenship tests for my parents or something?

As for science... I apparently fail in forces and motion. :P

English... lowest score is in "Writing Strategies". Oh, so I guess you don't appreciate my fanfictional writing strategies, State of CA?

Math... lowest score is in functions and rational expressions. Maybe I'm just not a rational person, lol.

Also, later today I'm going to a bonfire party at the beach. Glee! :D
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2009-08-14 10:38 pm

writing meme of DOOOOOOOM.

First, my NaNo icon for November. I love it. *points*

Are you a "pantser" or a "plotter"?
A little bit of both. I need to get down and start writing before my mind starts taking me into plotting mode. It usually depends on the characters and the plot - if I've got something complex in mind, I'll have to plan it out. Otherwise, it's just where my fingers take me.
Detailed character sketches or "their character will be revealed to me as I write"?
Depends on the character. Most I map out in my mind, but I usually don't remember it until I start writing. There are a few characters that just get revealed to me, but those are rare.
Do you know your characters' goals, motivations and conflicts before you start writing or is that something else you discover only after you start writing?
I know their conflicts, not their goals or what makes them tick. The latter only get revealed as I go.
Books on plotting -- useful or harmful?
Neutral. I don't like using charts, but I do like the pointers. Now, if the book was about plots to take over the world... ;]
Are you a procrastinator or does the itch to write keep at you until you sit down and work?
Both. More procrastination than not, though. Itches come, but I only act on it if I don't want to play in Photoshop.
Do you write in short bursts of creative energy, or can you sit down and write for hours at a time?
Depends. In November it's the latter. Elsewhere it's the former.
Are you a morning or afternoon writer?
Night owl writer.
Do you write with music/the noise of children/in a cafe or other public setting, or do you need complete silence to concentrate?
Music. Preferably music with the same mood that I'm trying to convey.
Computer or longhand? (or typewriter?)
Computer. I type faster than I write and when I write hurriedly the letters are loopy and messed up.
Do you know the ending before you type Chapter One?
Depends on the story. Sometimes I know the ending; other times I just keep my mind open and let the plot run.
Does what's selling in the market influence how and what you write?
Vampire romances? No. Although them vamps are a very interesting topic to muse and drabble around with. I'm thinking of doing a vampire story for NaNo. (or a past lives one) 
Editing -- love it or hate it?
LOVE IT LIKE WOAH. Editing owns my soul because I love to snark at my own handiwork (and others' too).
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2009-08-13 07:21 pm

Writer's Block: I Love My Body Becauseā€¦

[Error: unknown template qotd]Being the shallow teenager that I am, I'm quite unhappy with my body right now. But still, there are some things that I like and I hope they stay that way. :]

I love my fingers. Not really how they look, but how flexible they can be. Piano's to blame, of course, but I suppose someone will find out one day that I'm very good with my hands. (that's what she said!)

I love my calves. I think they're quite shapely. I bet if I woke up in the Colonial period tomorrow all the guys will kill for my calves. After all, back then padded stockings were very popular for a reason.

I love my eyes. They're a very dark brown and you can only see the brown if you stare for a looooong time.

I love my lips. They're very full and sometimes I wish they were a little thinner. But then I see all of those other girls trying to get bee-stung lips and I can't help but laugh.

I love my figure. I'm rather pleased that I don't grow sideways (yet), so there's no spoiling it. It's kinda pear, kinda hourglass. More hourglass than pear, though. Right now I'm still a little on the plump side, but as Mrs. F puts it, I've got "quite a body" and maybe someday "those boys at school will be lining up" for me.

(why yes, she does flatter me a lot.)
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2009-08-12 10:11 pm


Bryan Singer might do a Battlestar Galactica movie - and not based on the shiny one that I love.

I know, let's take a moment to bask in the irony. It's our time to complain about how someone's mangling our beautiful Canon.

Just get a load of this:

If I heard De Santo correctly at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, his pre-Moore series idea was to reveal that the genocidal Cylons were secretly taking their marching orders from humans. Other reports suggest De Santo wanted a Boxey-led colonial fleet to battle a borgified Apollo, who was apparently assimilated into the Cylon fleet via cybernetic implants.
BOXEY LEADING THE FLEET. LOL. EPIC LULZ. WHAT THE FRAK?! I don't get it. Or maybe it's just because we've seen Boxey as a kid. Hearing that he'll take Bill's place is just creepy.

And how would modern fans greet a new Galactica shorn of Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, Kara Thrace and Galen Tyrol?
SO SAY WE ALL. Laura and Bill were the main reason why I got into BSG. And that's also the reason I don't like the Original Series (other than the terrible hair, of course) - no Laura, no female president, no kickass airlockery.

This does not a happy Lily make. :P
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2009-08-12 09:12 pm

The Camping Trip From Hell, Take Two, a BSG fanfic by moi.

It's been a while since I wrote anything, yes? So why not a continuation of the Cracky!Adama Family? This fic is dedicated to [ profile] unavitasegreta  and her awesome cracky BSG!Mary Poppins fic. This fic is also unbeta'd, so all mistakes are mine.

Title: The Camping Trip From Hell, Take Two
Author: Lily Winterwood
Rating: K
Fandom: BSG
Characters: Bill Adama, Laura Roslin, Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, and Billy Keikeya
Pairings: A/R
Summary: Total Future!Adama Family crack from the same universe of the Grand Canyon crackfic. Obviously Bill, Laura, Lee, Kara, and Billy didn’t learn anything from the Camping Trip From Hell (aka trip to Kobol), because they’re going camping. Again. On Earth.
Disclaimer: I don’t own BSG, and I sure as hell don’t own the Lake Cachuma Recreational Area. That place is hell when the winds pick up.

the crackiness continues. )
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2009-08-12 08:34 pm

Writer's Block: Memo to Myself

[Error: unknown template qotd]Watch Battlestar Galactica. Get Mrs. F into it before Halloween so you two can dress up as Laura and Billy.

Tell Mrs. F you love her. Because you do.

Don't be ashamed of being different.
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2009-08-08 09:13 pm

This guy makes me want to castrate the next person with testicles that walks by.

Guess what? Misogyny's still not dead!

Anyways! On a lighter note: I had perhaps the most boring afternoon ever, coupled with the best evening! We went to Riverside (hell on Earth, I swear by the temperature) and then had noodles at a resturant nearby. And on the way back we went shopping at South Coast Plaza and bought some perfume and a new handbag from Coach. The perfume cost seventy dollars and the bag a thousand.

Dad says he could buy two computers and three iPhones with that. I say I could get ten Permanent Accounts. LOL.
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2009-08-06 05:47 pm

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

[Error: unknown template qotd]Like a Rorschach blot. Duh. But in all seriousness, it looks like a mask. With four eye holes.
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2009-08-05 05:26 pm


You may have just noticed that all of my userpics (except for the Vienna Teng ones) all reverted to default. That's because I changed the keywords... and added on some new ones! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. :D

The awesome[info]misscam extended my paid account and also gave me extra icons! In return, I'm working on her new layout. Made good progress today - did her icons and headers. I might do variations.

I also need to test out new layouts and tinker around in CSS. ;]

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2009-08-03 09:44 pm

We've come full circle...

Has anyone ever seen my first icon? It was done using the Photobucket image editor, and looked like this:
Horrifying, y/y? I inflicted all of my newbie iconmaking on the Narnia fandom. The PPC should persecute me for it, lol.
But wait! I recently iconned the same picture. Now this is what Caspian looks like!
That's why I say we've come full circle. :D

Example no. 2: Anna Popplewell
This was done after I had gained some control over the Photobucket editor. It's not as bad as the first Caspian one. But it's blurry.
Look at me now!
It's so much more prettyful, don't you think?

This icon evolution has been brought to you by my recent icon-dump in [ profile] lepetitrien . :D
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2009-08-03 08:04 pm

itunes meme from [profile] 37_idees_fixes.

Total Length of Songs: 1.1 Days

Sort by song title
First song: "Adagio" by Secret Garden
Last song: "20/20" by Alanis Morisette

Sort by time
Shortest song: "Gretchen Ross" by Micheal Andrews (0:47)
Longest song: "Assault on the Colony" by Bear McCreary feat. Raya Yarbrough (15:08)

Sort by album
First song: "Everything Else Disappears" by Sister Hazel
Last song: "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down

Top 10 most played songs
"Roslin and Adama" by Bear McCreary
"Somewhere in Time" by John Barry
"The John Dunbar Theme" by John Barry
"Antebellum" by Vienna Teng
"From the Heart" by X-Ray Dog
"Promise" by Kai
"Admiral and Commander" by Bear McCreary
"Close Your Eyes" by Christophe Beck
"None Can Die" by Anne Dudley
"Another Now" by Kate Alexa
(There's an overflow of instrumental music here... most likely because I fall asleep to my iPod.)

First 10 songs that come up on shuffle
"Dear Mr. President" by P!ink
"Don't Dream It's Over" by Sixpence None The Richer
"Buttons" by Pussycat Dolls
"In This Life" by Delta Goodrem
"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
"Somewhere Out There" by Our Lady Peace
"Better In Time" by Leona Lewis
"An Easterly View" by Bear McCreary
"20/20" by Alanis Morisette
"Fantasy" by Mariah Carey

"sex" - how many songs come up?: 1
"love" - how many songs come up?: 57
"you" - how many songs come up?: 45
"death" - how many songs come up?: none, but "dead" gets two results
"hate" - how many songs come up?: 3
"wish" - how many songs come up?: 3
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2009-07-31 12:20 pm

revenge... is sweet.

The site that hotlinked my doodles was in Czech so I accessed it with Google Translate (which sucks, but I don't really care.)
They have a BSG section there, and look at what I found! ;D

moar screecaps! )
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2009-07-30 06:10 pm

Okay, which one of you bozos decided to hotlink me?

I'm HOPING it's not an f-lister, but someone's been direct linking some of my cartoons.

Seriously, if this continues, I'm going to have to discontinue posting them.

screencap from my widescreen monitor, cut for obvious reasons )
I think the only good that came out of this is that I've learned how to take screencaps. :\
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2009-07-30 04:43 pm