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Got another awesomesauce email from Mrs. F! *happy dance* There were some interesting links in there; I thought some people might like to take a gander at them. :P

Pure prevention is a campaign to raise awareness about how our environment might lead to breast cancer. There's some interesting stuff in there about how our makeup and food and stuff could lead to the Laura Roslin Melancholy Situation if we don't choose the right ones. Wonder if Madame President knew?

Camaron Ochs is Mrs. F's niece! She is a pretty darn good singer and there are clips on her site. It would be soooo epic if Mrs. F asked her to do a cover of "All Along The Watchtower"... folk style, lol.

Anyhoo... Mrs. F might be getting that Twitter any day now. :D
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Isn't it pretty? My only pet peeve is that there's no navigational strip and if there was, it would block the prettyful image. Bleh. It took me a while and several modifications using the CSS Tutorial from [ profile] mintyapple , where I got the basics for the layout. In fact, this layout is a mirror to my new Twitter layout - the background is essentially the same. :D

I might make a header someday. :] But I've changed the public access banner so that it wasn't so big.


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