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You can find some pretty stock icons off of [ profile] misscam 's photos of Norway in springtime here at [ profile] lepetitrien . :]
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can be found at lepetitrien.

Please, Friday, come sooner! I'm going to the Grand Canyon next week for spring break. :]

Today in Language Arts we had a chat about Dances With Wolves. Which is odd, because we're supposed to be discussing quack remedies in Tom Sawyer and how Twain satirizes it. But that's Ms. C for you. :P
It went like this:

Ms. C: Has anyone watched Dances With Wolves?
Me: *is doodling on sticky notes* Bwuh? *perks up* Dances With Wolves? OH MY GODS MARY MCDONNELL WAS IN THAT MOVIE!!!!
Ms. C: *eyeroll* Yes...

You see, Ms. C is not as awesome as Mrs. F. Why? Well, she doesn't care about Mary McDonnell. I know, le gasp! MM is, like, the most awesome actress evar!

Which is why I want to go to Dragon*Con, gods damnit!
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sticky note doodle icons and also some of A/R holding hands on New Caprica...

here at [ profile] lepetitrien 
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but whatever.

I have two brush sets up at [ profile] lepetitrien !

"My Doodles"

"Greeting Cards"

The last one's members only, because the greeting cards used are mine.
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They can be found at [ profile] lepetitrien .
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it's called [ profile] lepetitrien , and I'm going to post my Photoshop creations there.

The latest icon dump can be found there.


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