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Guess what? Misogyny's still not dead!

Anyways! On a lighter note: I had perhaps the most boring afternoon ever, coupled with the best evening! We went to Riverside (hell on Earth, I swear by the temperature) and then had noodles at a resturant nearby. And on the way back we went shopping at South Coast Plaza and bought some perfume and a new handbag from Coach. The perfume cost seventy dollars and the bag a thousand.

Dad says he could buy two computers and three iPhones with that. I say I could get ten Permanent Accounts. LOL.
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I'm BACK! What did I miss? ;]

Camp was... okay, I guess. Great food, frendly people, but terrible weather! And the mosquitos are evil! Evil, I say. Grrrrrrrrr, evol mosquitoes of evollllll.

Hum... I'm missing Mrs. F again. Tried to induce the Gaius Baltar Complex, but it's not working. :[

Another thing... I'm thinking about changing my journal header and layout. I've changed my layout and I'm thinking of getting another header. Any ideas?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]There was this one time when the power went out right when I was typing up a report for school. So the computer turned off and the lights turned off and I was all like "WTF?!?!?!"

And then I went up and down the streets and it turns out that the entire neighborhood was out of power. We lit a bunch of candles and I had to do my other assignments by candlelight. Worst. Light. Source. Ever. How the hell did people do their homework back then with these things?

I did make a friend that day, and we did get our power back eventually. Like, two hours later. :P Turns out some little old lady accidentally drove her car into one of the poles or something.
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Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!
(to my flisters/RL friends in the U.S., of course)

What are you guys up to today? I just came back from a parade and I'll be going to a concert later today featuring the music of Billy Joel and ending in fireworks.

Don't blow yourself up trying to light a firework or stuff your face so full of hot dogs that you can barely walk the next day! ;D Especially you, Caitlyn. Don't get hurt and don't eat too many veggie dogs.

And Mrs. F, I really miss you! How are you today? Are you watching the parade at Huntington Beach? The one the radio calls "the biggest Fourth of July parade this side of the Mississippi? I hope you don't blow yourself up with the fireworks either, but knowing your healthy eating skills, I don't think you'll get bloated by hot dogs. Unless your husband can grill up some nice ones.

I seriously miss you! Did you get the promotion pictures yet? And the icons? They're all true. Sending my love over...

I ♥ you, Mrs. F! Take care and have a happy Fourth of July! :]
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Pulled something in my neck today and it HURTS whenever I try to turn my head. Grr.

At this rate I probably will have to miss out on the big epic ice-skating reunion that one of my classmates has planned for tomorrow. This does not make me happy. Grr.

I wanna take a nap. :[

Yesterday I went to watch the 2D version of Monsters vs Aliens with an old friend, Christine. Such. An. Epic. Movie. Though I can't help noticing that Galaxar's spaceship looks like a Cylon Baseship gone wrong.

There are many copies... and they have a PLAN!!!!

Why does Earth have to get attacked so often? Why not... oh, I don't know, Mars? But then I guess the danger isn't really brought home for us. I did like how everything happened in California and that the President (still guys? SERIOUSLY?) can play the piano and screams like a little girl.

After the movie, Christine and I commented on each other's yearbooks (we brought them) and talked of life and the PPC (she's the human inspiration for Agent Christianne Shieh - sadistic, messy with occasional OCD impulses, a great friend notwithstanding...)

For dinner we went to a curry resturant. I think I get my bitching skills from my mom; she spent a good deal of dinner complaining and arguing over our orders with the manager and the waiters. I don't think we'll be popular at resturants. Ever. (maybe except at that Korean BBQ resturant...)
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(btw, I'm lilywinterwood there, if you've been hunting around for me. :P I doubt that, though. Even if "Lost on ABC" is one of the few following me there [and that leads me to think "why the hell is Lost following a BSG fan?"].)

Anyways. I went camping with a bunch of other people from my Chinese school. I know, fun fun. Whatever. I'm going to ditch Chinese in favor of French anyways... that language is absurd. You have to learn more than 26 characters...and I kinda lost track after 100.

Back to the main topic. I went camping. It wasn't the whole "Lily in the Rough" thing with bear attacks and canoeing and pissing in the was relatively civilized. We went to a Recreational Area, which means that there were actual, functioning (No comment about clean, though. I think a bunch of squirrels attacked the toilet paper in the ladies' room.) restroom and shower facilities. My aunt, being the nature-phobe that she can be at times (meaning that she loves hiking and stuff, but draws the line at sleeping outdoors in a nylon tent in a place where mountain lions and bears are rare, but have been spotted), rented out a yurt. If some of my f-listers can't remember their history lessons, I'll just drop a hint about them...they're slightly more sturdy than your average tent, and the Mongolians used them (I think they still use them) because of their nomadic lifestyle. These yurts weren't going anywhere, mostly due to the fact that they've got two bunk beds in them and electricity. My parents set up a tent at the campground a few minutes away from the yurts.

Camping was pretty awesome. We went boating and fishing on the huge pretty lake nearby (no swimming--the lake was a source of fresh water, and besides, who wants to swim in algae-infested lakewater, anyways?) and we also invaded visited the nearby town of Solvang. Solvang's a pretty and quaint town heavily influenced by Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and (most obviously) Denmark. We had some Aebelskiver (or whatever the frak you call them; I prefer to call them pancake balls) and visited an art and history museum. My friend Vickie was on a diet and got a little addicted to the pancake balls. Her sister Angelina didn't help. Really.

Angelina: Come on, Vickie, I'll share!
Vickie: Food is a drug. Food is a drug. You get this momentary pleasure and then...FAT.

I saw a Norway flag and I squeed.

Back at the campsite, we had a huge campfire and toasted marshmallows (l love setting them on fire). We also played Mafia two times and the second time around I swear we played the naughtiest game of Mafia known to our age group (aka Teenage Virgins Who Know Just Enough About Sex To Be Overly Perverted [and in my case, write smutfic]) . Now I know what it's like to be the star of RPF. :P

cut for innuendo, courtesy of Daniel )
But besides that, camp was great. :P
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Little red (aka Laura) died today.

Little white (aka Bill) is emo.

Little black (aka Lee) has no frakking idea what's going on. :P

*cries for Laura*
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My brother, being the clueless dunce that he is (plus having no originality whatsoever) wants to call them little red, little black, and little white (because that's the colors that they are).

I'm calling them Laura, Bill, and Lee. ;]

In other news, I'm like working on four fanmixes at once. There's a Mary Sue one, an A/R one, a Bella/Edward one (that one has four parts), and my entry for [ profile] mixingmusic . :P


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