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2009-08-12 10:11 pm


Bryan Singer might do a Battlestar Galactica movie - and not based on the shiny one that I love.

I know, let's take a moment to bask in the irony. It's our time to complain about how someone's mangling our beautiful Canon.

Just get a load of this:

If I heard De Santo correctly at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, his pre-Moore series idea was to reveal that the genocidal Cylons were secretly taking their marching orders from humans. Other reports suggest De Santo wanted a Boxey-led colonial fleet to battle a borgified Apollo, who was apparently assimilated into the Cylon fleet via cybernetic implants.
BOXEY LEADING THE FLEET. LOL. EPIC LULZ. WHAT THE FRAK?! I don't get it. Or maybe it's just because we've seen Boxey as a kid. Hearing that he'll take Bill's place is just creepy.

And how would modern fans greet a new Galactica shorn of Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, Kara Thrace and Galen Tyrol?
SO SAY WE ALL. Laura and Bill were the main reason why I got into BSG. And that's also the reason I don't like the Original Series (other than the terrible hair, of course) - no Laura, no female president, no kickass airlockery.

This does not a happy Lily make. :P
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2009-08-08 09:13 pm

This guy makes me want to castrate the next person with testicles that walks by.

Guess what? Misogyny's still not dead!

Anyways! On a lighter note: I had perhaps the most boring afternoon ever, coupled with the best evening! We went to Riverside (hell on Earth, I swear by the temperature) and then had noodles at a resturant nearby. And on the way back we went shopping at South Coast Plaza and bought some perfume and a new handbag from Coach. The perfume cost seventy dollars and the bag a thousand.

Dad says he could buy two computers and three iPhones with that. I say I could get ten Permanent Accounts. LOL.
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2009-07-31 12:20 pm

revenge... is sweet.

The site that hotlinked my doodles was in Czech so I accessed it with Google Translate (which sucks, but I don't really care.)
They have a BSG section there, and look at what I found! ;D

moar screecaps! )
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2009-07-30 06:10 pm

Okay, which one of you bozos decided to hotlink me?

I'm HOPING it's not an f-lister, but someone's been direct linking some of my cartoons.

Seriously, if this continues, I'm going to have to discontinue posting them.

screencap from my widescreen monitor, cut for obvious reasons )
I think the only good that came out of this is that I've learned how to take screencaps. :\
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2009-07-26 09:25 pm

Fandom Pet Peeves meme from [personal profile] misscam!

Here are ten (general) fandom pet peeves of mine.
  1. Vampires popping up in stories they should stay away from. Not just those sparkly guys from Twilight, but ALL types of vampires infiltrating ALL fandoms. Seriously? Was it necessary to make Laura fall in love with Edward frakking Cullen?
  2. Mary Sues. Evilest of all evil character types. I hate it when a character can be pretty and smart and talented and OMGSPESHUL at the same time. I hate it when a character gets his/her way for no reason whatsoever. Especially when the whole story is just said character getting their way after way after way. There's no plot.
  3. DOM/sub relationship dynamics in a fic using a pairing with an equal sharing of power. The characters are most likely Out of Character. I especially hate Wimp!Laura and Evil!Bill. Where in all of BSG did you see Laura being a sniveling weakling? That's Gaius Baltar's schtick, kay? So stop frakking with Laura and Bill's characters like that.
  4. Smushed ship names. There are some that I can stand/like, but on the whole, NO NO NO. "Adamalin" sounds like a drug. "Rodama" sounds like a fantasy character. "Adoslin" sounds like Hitler gone wrong (or at least wronger than he already was). Nuff said? Nuff said.
  5. "R/R PLZ NO FLAMEZ!!11!!!" Oh, shut up, Suethor. There has never been a goodfic writer who put this in their summary. It detracts from the actual summary and is basically a shout-out to the crowd: "I SERIOUSLY SUCK AT WRITING BUT IF YOU READ THIS SHIT DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME AN ASSHAT OR I WILL SIC MY INTERNET LAWYERS ON YOU!1!!!!"
  6. Going with that train of thought - people who say they welcome constructive criticism but flip out at any criticism offered. Seriously? You just told us you want to make your story better but when we give you tips you consider that a blow to your already fragile ego? We're not trying to persecute you or anything; we're frakking trying to help.
  7. Crazy ubershippers who basically declare that their ship is Teh Holy and all other ships can go to hell. Gaius F. Baltar, I don't frakking care. I know that Adama/Roslin is cute and Canon and stuff, but that's not grounds to denounce Roslin/Baltar.
  8. Fics in the vein of "Celebrian", where the women are sexually degraded and molested and the guys all have freaking huge penises. Uh, no thank you. I'll go and read something that won't make me want to go after you and castrate you with my bare hands, kay?
  9. Thanksgiving/Fourth of July in England/Middle-earth/Narnia/Galactica. Even IF I do live in the US and I have a sense of patriotism, I think this is utterly ridiculous and Canon-shattering. The US is not everywhere and there are people who don't celebrate those holidays. (le gasp!)
  10. People taking one character and mushing it with another and calling the result an original character. Ever heard of Sonichu? No? Good. He's the brainchild of an autistic 25-year-old man-child who draws like he's in kindergarten and videotapes himself having sex with a blow-up doll and putting it on YouTube. Autism and all other disabilities do not waive asshattery. I've got flisters with bipolar disorder who write the best fics ever. Anyhow, back to the main peeve. Sonichu is a supposed Original Character and guess who the inspirations are? Sonic and Pikachu. Here, have a barf bag.

So there are some of my pet peeves. I know, I must be such an evil person who can't understand the meaning of free speech. Well, this is free speech, too.
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2009-07-16 01:46 pm

E-P-I-C F-A-I-L is spelled E-M-M-Y-S today.

As everyone and their dog has heard by now, Mary McDonnell didn't get an Emmy.


The world is made of epic fail today.

But at least BSG got something. Even if it's all technical and the actors never got their due, which is fucking unfair considering their epic awesomeness and acting skillz.

And how the hell did Blondie (aka Kyra Sedgewick) beat Mary this time around?!?! THIS IS INJUSTICE. Mary had better kick Blondie's ass in the next Closer ep like she did last time. ARGH.

*gets drunk on root beer*
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2009-07-11 01:33 pm

Writer's Block: Lights Out

[Error: unknown template qotd]There was this one time when the power went out right when I was typing up a report for school. So the computer turned off and the lights turned off and I was all like "WTF?!?!?!"

And then I went up and down the streets and it turns out that the entire neighborhood was out of power. We lit a bunch of candles and I had to do my other assignments by candlelight. Worst. Light. Source. Ever. How the hell did people do their homework back then with these things?

I did make a friend that day, and we did get our power back eventually. Like, two hours later. :P Turns out some little old lady accidentally drove her car into one of the poles or something.
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2009-07-10 10:38 am

Ai, sweet grammar.

The Badfic Game's going along fine. :P Relatively. My OFU story (apologies to[info]misscam for mutilating OFUM) got all screwed up on the site.

Now I need to go drown myself in Bleeprin for writing a slash fic between my PPC Agent Eledhwen and my PPC Scientist Lori.
(Sorry, Mrs. F.)

I mean, seriously?!?!

Discovering Love
Genre: Romance, Rating: R, Summary: Lori Starrett vowed to never love another. But what happens when she meets Eledhwen Elerossiel? R&R please. No flames.


cut to spare your eyeballs )

*cough cough* Reasons why it’s badfic:

Eledhwen is not a lesbian. Lori is also not bisexual. Lori DID meet Bill. Lori fangirled Legolas, but they were never in a relationship. Lori is not the best scientist in HQ. There is way too much urple prose. Where is the fucking plot? Eledhwen is not one to fall in love/get a crush on someone so fast; she’s immortal for frak’s sake, she’s got plenty of time to do so. It took two years for the real Lori and Jennifer (writer of Eledhwen) to discover their (platonic or otherwise) love for each other, so there’s a total screwing with time here. Lori is not an emo kid; she is usually relatively cheerful and outgoing. Eledhwen’s elven grace would never let her collide with someone. What would Christianne and Bill Fallis say to this? Eledhwen’s style of speech is formal with occasional modern sayings (thanks to OFUM), not poetic archaic speech. Lori does not wear impractical clothes like long green dresses every day. She got recruited for being a zoology major, not a healer.

There will be more reasons… as this thing goes on.

So I'm also thinking of doing something so twisted, it'll make people glad that I normally don't write shit like this. It involves Eledhwen (the apparently Amazing Homosexual Elf :P) killing her partner because her partner, out of JELLUSY, kill Lori. And then the Flowers That Be end up deciding to let her go to the Galactica-verse and getting married to Laura Roslin before Bill. The idea makes me cringe, but yeah.

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2009-06-28 02:35 pm

death day 2009 continues...

Billy Mays is dead!

All I know about him is that he was satirized in a Musical Theatre skit at school (Billy Mays in Wonderland) and that he has something to do with Oxiclean. :P

The only thing I remember about him is hearing about the parody!skit in which he drinks Oxiclean and lands in Wonderland. Like Alice. And all of the Wonderland characters are all like, "Are you Alice?" and he replies, "I used to be." Creepy.

Anyways. Billy Mays is dead. Who else? No one I know, I hope.

I'm bored. Amuse me.
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2009-06-27 05:12 pm


Pulled something in my neck today and it HURTS whenever I try to turn my head. Grr.

At this rate I probably will have to miss out on the big epic ice-skating reunion that one of my classmates has planned for tomorrow. This does not make me happy. Grr.

I wanna take a nap. :[

Yesterday I went to watch the 2D version of Monsters vs Aliens with an old friend, Christine. Such. An. Epic. Movie. Though I can't help noticing that Galaxar's spaceship looks like a Cylon Baseship gone wrong.

There are many copies... and they have a PLAN!!!!

Why does Earth have to get attacked so often? Why not... oh, I don't know, Mars? But then I guess the danger isn't really brought home for us. I did like how everything happened in California and that the President (still guys? SERIOUSLY?) can play the piano and screams like a little girl.

After the movie, Christine and I commented on each other's yearbooks (we brought them) and talked of life and the PPC (she's the human inspiration for Agent Christianne Shieh - sadistic, messy with occasional OCD impulses, a great friend notwithstanding...)

For dinner we went to a curry resturant. I think I get my bitching skills from my mom; she spent a good deal of dinner complaining and arguing over our orders with the manager and the waiters. I don't think we'll be popular at resturants. Ever. (maybe except at that Korean BBQ resturant...)
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2009-06-25 05:02 pm

what's up with everyone dying today?


First Farrah Fawcett. Then Lorena Gale (ELOSHAAAAAAAAAA! *cries*).

Now Michael Jackson.

Possibly Jeff Goldblum (his is a hoax, haha!) and Harrison Ford, too. (also a hoax. And so were the rumors of Obama taken to the hospital)

Seriously, what's up with God today? Is he pissed off at us or something? 'Cause that might explain the suddenly very long obituary pages.

*looks worriedly at flisters and RL friends* Don't die on me, kay? Especially you. And you. And you.
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2009-06-23 04:29 pm

where's the galactica when you need it?

So I was wandering around on Geekologie... and I came across a whole robot section. Creeeeeeeepy.

Some interesting ones...

Robotic Elmo Toy? Holy crap, would you call that a skin job? Or a fuzz job?

Firebreathing Cylon Robot of Death! Screw nukes; run for your lives!

Six and Eight are vidicated, sort of. That robot was designed to emulate love went on to emulate stalking.

What's not to say that Cylons can't play rock-paper-scissors?

Some people really want their humanoid cylons back. Aiko looks like she came out of a Japanese anime. Lisa was designed to be the "perfect woman". And the guy who created Aiko wants to pull a Baltar and frak her.

And the crowning creepy: The Evolution of Robots. Pretty CGI effects, but CREEPY.

*looks around for an escape ship*
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2009-05-17 08:40 pm


There was, like, a frakking earthquake two minutes ago! My little bro's pretty frakking shocked at the moment...

Finished rewatching Season One of BSG. Those little A/R moments make me squee.
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2009-05-10 11:55 am

one down, two to go...

Little red (aka Laura) died today.

Little white (aka Bill) is emo.

Little black (aka Lee) has no frakking idea what's going on. :P

*cries for Laura*
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2009-05-09 09:15 pm

We has fishies.

My brother, being the clueless dunce that he is (plus having no originality whatsoever) wants to call them little red, little black, and little white (because that's the colors that they are).

I'm calling them Laura, Bill, and Lee. ;]

In other news, I'm like working on four fanmixes at once. There's a Mary Sue one, an A/R one, a Bella/Edward one (that one has four parts), and my entry for [ profile] mixingmusic . :P