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another answer under the cut ) Aren't we ossum? Yes, you learn something new EVERY FRAKKIN' DAY.

In other news, Mrs. F has checked out season 4 on DVD. Yay.
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Because this cartoon nearly makes me wish I was atheist.

That cartoon depicts someone being converted to Christianity through what could be the most shallow and religion-ist way possible, I swear. I mean, even the guys at my church have more sense than that Bob feller. They're more open-minded.

But oh no, Bob has to put down evolution and stuff as a "religion of scientists who laugh at God." Hello? I'm a Christian and I can follow both Creationism and Darwinism at the same time, so why can't you? Religionist fucker.

And then he goes on to spew bullshit about finding footprints of humans with dinosaurs. That, like I just said, is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

It pisses me off just how easily his covertees give in. The average convertee takes nearly a year to decide she or he wants to join the church (I should know). It makes Bob look like a Gary Stu with Jesus-like Powahs of Convershun. NO ONE OTHER THAN JESUS CAN DO THAT.

Don't get me started on his bull about "your teacher's been brainwashed". MRS. F WAS NOT BRAINWASHED.

So yes, Bob, EPIC FAIL. You got a Christian wishing you death. Someone send him out an airlock (preferably down to Hell).

I needed that off of my chest.
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Ganked from [info]cofmanynames.

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Media Player, MP3 player, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For the first question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button TWICE
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool... just type it in!

the very melodramatic ideal!life of Lily Winterwood )
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And I think it's hungry. *hides*

So yes, the swine flu. The world's going batshit crazy about it. In my little corner of the world no one's been reported to have it, though I fear for Caitlyn, who went home early.

My former Lang. Arts teacher is a total germophobe and he totes disinfected every inch of his classroom, I swear. Mr. W wants us to wipe our desks down twice a week instead of twice a month. Mr. L, my current science teacher, bought hand sanitizer. Mrs. F doesn't seem that perturbed.

Go Mrs. F. :P
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Watched "Bastille Day" and  "Act of Contrition" today. Lee and Zarek are epic tools.


Technically done with New Moon (skimmed last few chappies cos once Ed's back, everything goes uber corny as he dramatically declares his undying lurve for Bella and crap). If there's one thing I want to see in the NM movie, it's Head!Edward.

It would be totesly awesomesauce. When Bella does something stupid, head!Edward (Headward!) could pop out of nowhere and no one else but Bella can see him, just like Gaius and head!Six! He can yell at her and she can yell back and everyone else will look at her like she's going crazy because she is.

Yes, I want to see Headward. That's all I want to see. :P

In Mrs. F news...her students are going to take home baby toasters baby simulators sooner or later! For those who never had to go through the dubious honor of caring for a Real Care Baby, these babies are robots designed to act like human babies. They cry and laugh and burp and sleep and those noises are meant to be real (sooooo fake. when it sleeps it sounds like Darth Vader. Srsly). When it cries, the person with the dubious honor of being the parent has to see which of the four things it wants: rocking, burping, feeding, nuking the humans, or (the personal favorite of Mrs. F because she's evil like that) changing its diaper. A microchip senses whether you're there or not and if you carried out its latest demands. It also notes if you accidentally drop the baby's head. Rumors go around that it also records what you say to it.

Nevertheless it's not very human at the moment. It looks pretty darn real and weighs about 6 pounds, but at least it doesn't pee and poop and move and stuff. Cos then we'd need to get off of this Earth ASAP before the Cylons return.
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I laughed so hard at the "We need to start having babies" line. LOLOLOLOL

*sigh* Good times, good times. Laura looks at Bill a lot.

If only she knew... ;]

In Mrs. F news, the guy from yesterday's FTEF (for the epic fail) episode was forced to come back and apologize to her. *snerk*

And today she was wearing a wig over her hair (still growing back, and it's curly like Billy's!) and it was like the style MM had in You Can Thank Me Later (epic bathroom scene, omgawds.)

I told her about the airlock line. She wishes she had an airlock. :]

In Twilight news...
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I'll wait a moment before I get to the epic fail part though. First of all, I leeched BSG season one off of Caitlyn! Yay! *happy dance*

Next, the class discussion about the digestive system in Mrs. F's class started thusly:
Mrs. F: "All of us humans (not Cylons) need food in order to survive."

Talk about EPIC WIN. Which, btw, is spelled E-P-I-C W-I-N.

I also borrowed New Moon. Bella is such an emo kid right now.

Okay, here's the WTF moment of the day.
Mrs. F and I are talking about BSG, missing Billy, and crack!fics while she's on duty (supervising the lunch tables) when this guy comes onto campus randomly and asks for a girl named (using made up name) Emily.
Mrs. F, naturally, doesn't trust him and tells him to tell the office.
The guy gets pissed off and was all like, "Don't talk to me." He walks off. Mrs. F and I gape at him.
Me: "That was crossing a line."
The guy comes back, and by now the little group is consisting of Mrs. F (Laura Roslin Reincarnate of the Epic Win), Mr. W (history teacher), and me (acting like a third wheel).
Mr. W: (to the guy, in his military authoritarian voice) "Excuse me, but I do believe you disregarded my colleague here."
Guy: (Still Not Getting It) "Don't talk to me! Come on, Emily, we're leaving!"
Mrs. F: (being all epic and Laura Roslin-ish) "Why do you say that? If you say that again, I will airlock you!"
Guy: "You guys are racist whites." (he's African-American, btw)
Emily: ;-_-
Me: o.O
Mr. W: "Excuse me, but that sort of talk is not acceptable."
Guy: "Don't talk to me! Nuh-uh, don't talk to me! You're all racists!"
Mr. W: (looks ready to murder)
Guy: "Bwuh?"
Guy: "Emily, we're leaving."
Emily: "Ignore my brother-in-law. Please." (looking mortified)
Mrs. F: (eyeroll) "Oh yeah, we're SO racist."
Me: "What is he ON?"

Talk about EPIC FAIL. And random. :P
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can be found at lepetitrien.

Please, Friday, come sooner! I'm going to the Grand Canyon next week for spring break. :]

Today in Language Arts we had a chat about Dances With Wolves. Which is odd, because we're supposed to be discussing quack remedies in Tom Sawyer and how Twain satirizes it. But that's Ms. C for you. :P
It went like this:

Ms. C: Has anyone watched Dances With Wolves?
Me: *is doodling on sticky notes* Bwuh? *perks up* Dances With Wolves? OH MY GODS MARY MCDONNELL WAS IN THAT MOVIE!!!!
Ms. C: *eyeroll* Yes...

You see, Ms. C is not as awesome as Mrs. F. Why? Well, she doesn't care about Mary McDonnell. I know, le gasp! MM is, like, the most awesome actress evar!

Which is why I want to go to Dragon*Con, gods damnit!
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there was an icon meme earlier today. now there isn't.

now there are pictures.



meow )

In other news... Mrs. F, Caitlyn, and I want to go to Dragon*Con, but it's on the other side of the country. *pouts* As soon as I get wind of one with Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff in the Los Angeles area, we are so going and we're going to dress up! :]

I think I'll go as Boomer for Halloween. Now, where do I get military tanks?

Mrs. F looks very presidential. She has a suit jacket and a white crossover blouse. ;]

Oh, and in other-other news, it's [ profile] icedteainthebag 's birthday! :] Bill looks like Lawrence of Arabia. :P )
Happy birfday, icedtea. You wanted Bill in Laura's headscarf. ;]
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This little mixtape is dedicated to Mrs. F (the Laura Reincarnate, zomgs!), Caitlyn, Christine, Christina, Rebecca, and everyone on my flist. *hugs*

you are the wind beneath my wings )
Download the mix here.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]First off, I do have RL friends stalking me on this thing. *looks pointedly at Jessica*

"So. Yes, this is mah lj. Spiffy, non? The header's a little spoilery and kinda odd but that A/R and BSG for ya and the blurb is also a little spoilery but let's just forget that and move on to other stuff, kthnx.

"First off, there's the PPC. They go around fandoms and kill Mary Sues and shit. They're also insane. I have two Agents and two Scientists and they're all loony in some way. There are also minis, which are little monsters that spawn from mispelled character names. I have mini-Balrogs and mini-Dragons and mini-Centurions. Go me.

"Next thing is BSG. It's Battlestar Galactica, the best show on TV since... ever, and it ended on March 20th. *sniff* I miss mah BSG, so I write a lot of fanfic. Fanfic is a fan's story about an already published/aired/what have you-ed It's very good practice for writing Original Fic.

"There's bad fanfic and there's good fanfic. The bad fanfic I like to make fun of here. They'll be friendslocked. Mwahahahahahhaha.

"Finally, there's stuff about life. Mrs. F is code for a certain person I'm sure you all know about. Other people are just other people.


"So yes, that's mah lj. Welcome to the insanity."
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only downside is NO MORE BSG WAHHHHHHHHHHHH. :[

Mrs. F gave me a HUGE bag of skittles and now I'm on a semi-sugar high.

She also bought me a latte! :]

And then I watched my former history teacher, who was in the army, coach PE. First-class entertainment right there. I felt like I was at an OFU watching fanbrats get tortured. x]

I'm thinking up my next fanmix. It'll have songs from other movies and TV shows, and they'll all apply somehow to A/R. (Esp. "Ballad of a Bitter End"...) I think I'll call it "Across the Universe". :]

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I'm working on a collection of AU Cabin-fics starring Laura and Bill. There's smut. :P

The smutty parts are all written for [ profile] bsg_pornbattle , and two of them can be found there already.
No Going Back, My Heart Is Set

There's more. ;] I feel so frakking scandalous.

Now... Mrs. F got to the part where Bill and Laura kiss for the first time. YAY!
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It was high time I posted a "how I'm coping with Daybreak" post. :P

The Art Of Letting Go - Mikaila
hopeful depression beneath the cut )
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My non-spoilery thoughts on LAST BSG episode: WOW.

My spoilery thoughts, once again all out of order...

SOBFEST beginning in one... two... three... )
So, yes. I'll be going through rehab and withdrawal from all of this, I'm sure. I'll compile a playlist spanning A/R's relationship and maybe even fangirl/BSG. :] ;]

My fanfics are now all Alternate Universes to some degree, I suppose. Maybe I should rename "Past Lives". :P And OFUBSG'll be taking surprising turns with this as well. Frankly, I want January 16th to get along faster there. Just so I can do all the interesting tortures and tricks I have in mind.  :]

Does anyone have root beer? And another box of tissues? I'm crying so hard I think my desk'll be swamped with tears in a moment.
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Back in seventh grade our language arts class did a thing called WORLD where we created fantasy lands and went to war with each other... and so on and so forth. Our group's "world" was called the State of DeNial.

And I'm back there again. BSG is ending! Whyyyyyy?!?!?

I need to go make a playlist for the BSG fangirl going through Battlestar withdrawal. ;]

But on happier news... the total count of BSG fans in my life has increased! Let's welcome Jessica (who's also a Trekkie), Jessica's english teacher, and Caitlyn's dance teacher!

Of course, the more the merrier. :] :] :]

Now for our daily Mrs. F update...

~The Cylons have taken over her computer. (That's what she said. Really.)
~Adama came back from the dead for her (she's watching from the beginning and waiting for the DVDs, and she's on season 2 right now)
~I am swaying her towards A/R! Yay!
~When she found out that EJO and MM might not appear on Caprica, she was all like, "WHAT? NO!" So say we all.
~She's looking forward to A/R's first kiss scene in Ressurection Ship. :]
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You should have seen Caitlyn after Mrs. F told her. She was figuratively bouncing off the walls in glee.

We have a big elaborate plan now for next year's Halloween-Mrs. F is going as Laura. Caitlyn=Kara, and me... ?


Mar. 17th, 2009 03:09 pm
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The irony just SICKENS me.

We're supposed to do a report on an American poet as part of our poetry project... and I got e.e. cummings.

Talk about irony, really. The grammar freak gets e.e. cummings... *shakes head*

Mrs. F is ba-ack. She spent the weekend reading my fanfic (creepy thought) and as for BSG, she got to the part where Boomer shoots Adama. And that was the end of the disk. Talk about a frakking cliffhanger!
She thinks that cylons are evil. Caitlyn and I had to convince her that they're just shades of gray.

Rebecca wants BSG for her birfday. Which happens to be today. Happy frakking birthday, Rebecca!

Oh, and it's St. Patty's Day! Happy frakking St. Patrick's Day, everyone! *pinches everyone not wearing green*


Mar. 16th, 2009 07:05 pm
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Rebecca jumped ship. She's all for Kara/Lee now.

That tips the balance! I must convert Mrs. F to the A/R side to counter this!


Caitlyn revealed our theories to Rebecca...the one that Mrs. F is Laura Roslin in a past life. There's just too many scary coincidences with the whole "teacher with breast cancer and red hair and a love interest named Bill" thing.

Reb's very scared. lol.

In other news, I think I accidentally gave Mrs. F the cold. Bad Lily. *chastises self*

And in other other news, I read about how the Internet works-by cables on the ocean floor! That article in Popular Science also showed the importance of hubs and stuff... so if the Cylons attack, we're all doomed if they target those things.

Also read about an electronic pill designed to cure colon cancer. We are getting way too reliant on technology, aren't we?


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