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[Error: unknown template qotd]First off, I do have RL friends stalking me on this thing. *looks pointedly at Jessica*

"So. Yes, this is mah lj. Spiffy, non? The header's a little spoilery and kinda odd but that A/R and BSG for ya and the blurb is also a little spoilery but let's just forget that and move on to other stuff, kthnx.

"First off, there's the PPC. They go around fandoms and kill Mary Sues and shit. They're also insane. I have two Agents and two Scientists and they're all loony in some way. There are also minis, which are little monsters that spawn from mispelled character names. I have mini-Balrogs and mini-Dragons and mini-Centurions. Go me.

"Next thing is BSG. It's Battlestar Galactica, the best show on TV since... ever, and it ended on March 20th. *sniff* I miss mah BSG, so I write a lot of fanfic. Fanfic is a fan's story about an already published/aired/what have you-ed It's very good practice for writing Original Fic.

"There's bad fanfic and there's good fanfic. The bad fanfic I like to make fun of here. They'll be friendslocked. Mwahahahahahhaha.

"Finally, there's stuff about life. Mrs. F is code for a certain person I'm sure you all know about. Other people are just other people.


"So yes, that's mah lj. Welcome to the insanity."
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This is based off of the LotR Charge List, and acts as a reference guide for those willing to PPC BSG badfic. Enjoy.




10.2. Not using the word ‘frak’ )
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...I manage to write two missions for Eledhwen and Christianne in the BSG fandom when it's taken me more than a year to write a mission for them in LotR.

The missions are to be sent to beta readers...I think Pads won't mind. I don't know.

Go figure.

*wonders if many will get pissed at her for posting the resulting missions*
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I am pissed. Very, very pissed.

In two days I've discovered a whole bunch of BSG Mary Sues. Enough to keep Eledhwen and Christianne busy. And enough to make me lose a good chunk of my faith in humanity.

Whyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!
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Foxglove, Laburnum, Molly, and Moses. On closer look you might find stuff deleted--stupid scanner won't scan the original greetings so I had to type them out and omit the pen marks. >.<

Forgive the dots; I couldn't resist. If you want an un-splattered pic, tell me. ^^;

And there will probably be more as soon as I remember...
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It's Piccie Posting Time!

This is Agent Cassie Young. Here ya go, [ profile] cassie5squared, enjoy! 
For the artistically critical, yes I'm aware that one arm appears to be longer than the other. But I'm also aware that I suck at proportions and nearly failed them in math, so yeah.

Look, it's my favorite couple! Dafydd looks a little too happy-go-lucky, though. And I got the month wrong. It was July.

A set of LJ icons based off of [ profile] huinesoron  and [ profile] celebestel 's luverly wedding pics. If you are not them, tell me if you're going to snatch any of these icons. Credit to them and me are strongly suggested.    

Jasmine Illian-Sims, or at least, my interpretation of her. Can be a Mary Sue if you want.

Credit goes to [ profile] cassie5squared for giving me the idea to draw this. And that's a calla lily. One of my all-time favorite lilies. Stargazer and madonna lilies are pretty, too.

Self-portrait, but my hair is parted in the center. It's also not that straight, nor that short. And my lips and eye placement are not realistic, either. So we'll call this a self-caricature.

Eledhwen looks mad. I don't know why. Actually, this is the elleth walking a little behind Legolas in the coronation scene in RotK.
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I think everyone and their dogs (and cats and mini-Balrogs) know this by now. I just wanted to reinforce it.
It doesn't get on my nerves because I'm a fence sitter this time around.


Okay, that gets on my nerves! Even if I don't like slash (that's because most slash fics pair up two people who I know are not gay and probably would never be gay, much less with each other), I still think that in the Real World, if you're in love with someone, regardless of whether that person is of the same or opposite gender, it's ok to get married! Now gay people have to go to Vegas or something to get married. This just ticks me off.
My parents think gay marriage is unnatural. Because apparently animals are not gay... how does that explain those two male beetles (I can tell. The females are fatter than the males for this species and many others) I saw getting cozy one Saturday afternoon?

So, that's my mini-rant. Now back to procrastinating on NaNoWriMo. I am soooo in a plot-rut and am about 2,000 words behind the daily goal. But then I forgot to eat lunch so it caught up to me in the form of a godawful stomach ache. I hate stomach aches.
What should I have burnt down in celebration of Guy Fawkes's night anyways? The school building? Or maybe a character?
Whatever. At least I managed to do a PPC mission (even if it has no connection to whatever nonexistant plot arc I had in mind) for Eledhwen and Christianne. And I'm going to sign Lori and Bill up for the Australian Quiddich League-thingy against their will.
I want to make a desktop calendar. So far, all I have are notes in my school planner. I like what I have planned for next Thursday--"It's Hug a Teacher day! Glomp your nearest teacher and record what happens in your story!" It works, because I'm doing a story about school.

No comment.
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This is just the awesomeness of awesome. And now I'm overusing the word awesome because it's so awesome.
Forgot which site I got it from but...*sigh*

Now, back to NaNoWriMo!
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Soooooo...after a lot of pondering and musing and asking people about this (I got a lot of strange stares for that one), I have finally finished the first mission for Bill Fallis and Lori Starrett.
*fake fanfare and applause*
I CAN tell if you're sincere or not, you know. I AM the (self-proclaimed) Lady of Sarcastic Randomness!
Missun Da Furst! *viktary danse* )
So, that's our speshul pilot mission. The graph will be coming up in the following post.  

EDIT: Nevermind. The graph will NOT be coming up. If you want to see it, tell me in a comment and give me your email so I can send it to you.
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Or rather...let's watch Bill and Lori get lost in HQ! Newbies.

The Misfortunes of Bill Fallis and Lori Starrett )
Yes...welcome to the insanity. Have fun! *waves hand*
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Here's the PPC Movie Soundtrack. Hopefully you don't need to log in to hear it...:)

EDIT: Sorry about all the 30 second play'll have to go here to listen to it full length.
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Sooo...see my previous post for...reference? I don't know. Whatever.

Here are my two scientists for the DMSE&R: Lori Starrett and Bill Fallis. (And if you personally know me, please don't start questioning my sanity. Or I will stab you with a spork.) 

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Okay, world. Meet Lori Sinclair.
She's from one of my fanfics: "What, Mary Sues Can Read?", where she landed in Middle-earth on her wedding day and--no, wait! Put those pitchforks down! She's not going to join the Fellowship! She know nothing of Middle-earth, and the Wood-elves of Mirkwood take her in. Gandalf casts a translation spell that enables her to communicate with them in Westron, and she tries to learn Sindarin and fit in with the Elves. That's just part of the story. The other part is that four Mary Sues are reading her story and go insane from the (hopefully) not-so-Mary-Sueishness of the fic. WMSCR is on somewhat of a hiatus right now, but I already have the end in mind--my PPC Agents come in and kill the Sues, and decide to recruit Lori. Lori Sinclair decides to join the PPC and also change her name to Lori Starrett. Eledhwen and Christianne send her to the Marquis de Sod, and they go off to recruit her fiance Bill Fallis.
That's what's happening right now...

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Sooo...did I do it right? I don't know...
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Soooo...I was being my usual annoying self in Chinese class, and this is what happens.
Doodles on My Notes. )


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