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Bad pun, I know. :P

So in celebration of Mary McDonnell McAwesome's birthday, I has four stickynote doodles and a kittycat.

merry marymas to you )

So, merry Marymas! May tidings of cheer and Marywill come to all. Live long and prosper.

Wait, wrong fandom.
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Watched "Bastille Day" and  "Act of Contrition" today. Lee and Zarek are epic tools.


Technically done with New Moon (skimmed last few chappies cos once Ed's back, everything goes uber corny as he dramatically declares his undying lurve for Bella and crap). If there's one thing I want to see in the NM movie, it's Head!Edward.

It would be totesly awesomesauce. When Bella does something stupid, head!Edward (Headward!) could pop out of nowhere and no one else but Bella can see him, just like Gaius and head!Six! He can yell at her and she can yell back and everyone else will look at her like she's going crazy because she is.

Yes, I want to see Headward. That's all I want to see. :P

In Mrs. F news...her students are going to take home baby toasters baby simulators sooner or later! For those who never had to go through the dubious honor of caring for a Real Care Baby, these babies are robots designed to act like human babies. They cry and laugh and burp and sleep and those noises are meant to be real (sooooo fake. when it sleeps it sounds like Darth Vader. Srsly). When it cries, the person with the dubious honor of being the parent has to see which of the four things it wants: rocking, burping, feeding, nuking the humans, or (the personal favorite of Mrs. F because she's evil like that) changing its diaper. A microchip senses whether you're there or not and if you carried out its latest demands. It also notes if you accidentally drop the baby's head. Rumors go around that it also records what you say to it.

Nevertheless it's not very human at the moment. It looks pretty darn real and weighs about 6 pounds, but at least it doesn't pee and poop and move and stuff. Cos then we'd need to get off of this Earth ASAP before the Cylons return.
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Kay, so I went to a Comedy Sportz event at school earlier tonight and it was WIN.

Here's how it was WIN.
What's on that? Laura Roslin? OH MY GODS, MY NAME IS LAURA ROSLIN! )
Kay, so it wasn't what I'd expected. But it was still WIN. :]
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I laughed so hard at the "We need to start having babies" line. LOLOLOLOL

*sigh* Good times, good times. Laura looks at Bill a lot.

If only she knew... ;]

In Mrs. F news, the guy from yesterday's FTEF (for the epic fail) episode was forced to come back and apologize to her. *snerk*

And today she was wearing a wig over her hair (still growing back, and it's curly like Billy's!) and it was like the style MM had in You Can Thank Me Later (epic bathroom scene, omgawds.)

I told her about the airlock line. She wishes she had an airlock. :]

In Twilight news...
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I'll wait a moment before I get to the epic fail part though. First of all, I leeched BSG season one off of Caitlyn! Yay! *happy dance*

Next, the class discussion about the digestive system in Mrs. F's class started thusly:
Mrs. F: "All of us humans (not Cylons) need food in order to survive."

Talk about EPIC WIN. Which, btw, is spelled E-P-I-C W-I-N.

I also borrowed New Moon. Bella is such an emo kid right now.

Okay, here's the WTF moment of the day.
Mrs. F and I are talking about BSG, missing Billy, and crack!fics while she's on duty (supervising the lunch tables) when this guy comes onto campus randomly and asks for a girl named (using made up name) Emily.
Mrs. F, naturally, doesn't trust him and tells him to tell the office.
The guy gets pissed off and was all like, "Don't talk to me." He walks off. Mrs. F and I gape at him.
Me: "That was crossing a line."
The guy comes back, and by now the little group is consisting of Mrs. F (Laura Roslin Reincarnate of the Epic Win), Mr. W (history teacher), and me (acting like a third wheel).
Mr. W: (to the guy, in his military authoritarian voice) "Excuse me, but I do believe you disregarded my colleague here."
Guy: (Still Not Getting It) "Don't talk to me! Come on, Emily, we're leaving!"
Mrs. F: (being all epic and Laura Roslin-ish) "Why do you say that? If you say that again, I will airlock you!"
Guy: "You guys are racist whites." (he's African-American, btw)
Emily: ;-_-
Me: o.O
Mr. W: "Excuse me, but that sort of talk is not acceptable."
Guy: "Don't talk to me! Nuh-uh, don't talk to me! You're all racists!"
Mr. W: (looks ready to murder)
Guy: "Bwuh?"
Guy: "Emily, we're leaving."
Emily: "Ignore my brother-in-law. Please." (looking mortified)
Mrs. F: (eyeroll) "Oh yeah, we're SO racist."
Me: "What is he ON?"

Talk about EPIC FAIL. And random. :P
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Still in Arizona. :P

Conveniently forgot yesterday that we went to an outlet mall at Barstow. I saw Helo there.

No, not in the flesh. As an action figure. :P

I should have bought him. ;]

Finished Twilight. Great. I forgot to check out the rest, thinking I'll spend the whole week on Twilight. Guess I forgot just how fast I can read with time to kill. Now the only other thing left is Tom Sawyer. :P x[

Went to a wild animal park today. Funny thing about it is that it's right next to a prison and a courthouse. :P

After that we went to Sedona. It was spiffy. I met with a Chinese school classmate there. We're all BFFs, so we went to dinner together. Yum, fried bananas... :]

Mah little bro is acting up right now. :P

I listened to "River Flows In You" (Bella/Edward theme) on the way to Sedona. The piece right after it on iRoslin is "Roslin and Adama". Of course, da A/R theme totally pwned Bella/Edward's piano piece. Come on, what's a piddly little piano next to an orchestra? ;]

We're going to Vegas on Thursday and we're staying at the Bellagio there. ;]
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Hey, I'm in Arizona! :P
The travel plan's for us to go to Flagstaff and stay there for three days. Then we'll go to the Grand Canyon and finally to Vegas.
The car ride was Boring with a capital B. I listened to iRoslin and read Twilight. Whee.

So far, I've kinda conceded that yes, Bella is a Mary Sue and Edward is a Gary Stu. But then again, Mary Sues and Gary Stus belong together (so the better characterized can get left alone :P). Verdict? I is a Bella/Edward shipper.

Jacob seems pretty awesome, but I haven't seen much of him yet. Alice has just made her entrance. Carlisle is awesome. :]

As for teams, I'm still neutral. Edward is pretty cool (despite being a Gary Stu) and I think Bella is lucky to get someone like him-even if the price is him being a vampire. :P Life's a bitch and then you get bitten.

Their relationship is rather unrealistic, I have to agree. It goes from "I hate you" to "I love you" in a matter of chapters. I wanted more a friendship between the two. Like an Adama/Roslin sort of partnership/friendship. But I guess because Edward is allegedly hot that that's not much of an option. :P ;]

But back to life. It is good. Ish. I miss mah friends. :[

Anyone going to Vegas or the Grand Canyon? Plz keep me company!!!!! ;] *looks pointedly at [ profile] laurandbillever *


Apr. 10th, 2009 01:03 pm
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I'm reading Twilight for the first time. The verdict so far is...

Bella's borderline-Sue as of this moment. Edward's pretty cool, I haven't seen Jacob yet, and it seems to me that everyone frakking LOVES Bella here. Um. WTF, man?

Right now, she's clumsy, yes. She looks plain (but people think she looks nice, I guess). She's related to the police chief, she's done just about everything in the cirriculum (and was in AP in Phoenix), she can cook, and she's got Perfect McPerfection mildly interested in her.

Once again, I'm reserving on dealing the final Mary Sue sentence. I can smell a downward spiral into Suedom for her, though.

But otherwise, it's pretty interesting.

In other news, Mrs. F got to the part in S3 where the resistance escapes! :] I printed out [ profile] misscam 's latest story (A Murder on Galactica, the best mystery fanfic I've read so far. Laik srsly) and read bits of it to her. She likes it. :]

*happy dance* I'm going to Vegas and the Grand Canyone tomorrow! And I might have intrawebz cos mom's bringing da laptop. Yay!


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