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Because this cartoon nearly makes me wish I was atheist.

That cartoon depicts someone being converted to Christianity through what could be the most shallow and religion-ist way possible, I swear. I mean, even the guys at my church have more sense than that Bob feller. They're more open-minded.

But oh no, Bob has to put down evolution and stuff as a "religion of scientists who laugh at God." Hello? I'm a Christian and I can follow both Creationism and Darwinism at the same time, so why can't you? Religionist fucker.

And then he goes on to spew bullshit about finding footprints of humans with dinosaurs. That, like I just said, is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

It pisses me off just how easily his covertees give in. The average convertee takes nearly a year to decide she or he wants to join the church (I should know). It makes Bob look like a Gary Stu with Jesus-like Powahs of Convershun. NO ONE OTHER THAN JESUS CAN DO THAT.

Don't get me started on his bull about "your teacher's been brainwashed". MRS. F WAS NOT BRAINWASHED.

So yes, Bob, EPIC FAIL. You got a Christian wishing you death. Someone send him out an airlock (preferably down to Hell).

I needed that off of my chest.
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I'll wait a moment before I get to the epic fail part though. First of all, I leeched BSG season one off of Caitlyn! Yay! *happy dance*

Next, the class discussion about the digestive system in Mrs. F's class started thusly:
Mrs. F: "All of us humans (not Cylons) need food in order to survive."

Talk about EPIC WIN. Which, btw, is spelled E-P-I-C W-I-N.

I also borrowed New Moon. Bella is such an emo kid right now.

Okay, here's the WTF moment of the day.
Mrs. F and I are talking about BSG, missing Billy, and crack!fics while she's on duty (supervising the lunch tables) when this guy comes onto campus randomly and asks for a girl named (using made up name) Emily.
Mrs. F, naturally, doesn't trust him and tells him to tell the office.
The guy gets pissed off and was all like, "Don't talk to me." He walks off. Mrs. F and I gape at him.
Me: "That was crossing a line."
The guy comes back, and by now the little group is consisting of Mrs. F (Laura Roslin Reincarnate of the Epic Win), Mr. W (history teacher), and me (acting like a third wheel).
Mr. W: (to the guy, in his military authoritarian voice) "Excuse me, but I do believe you disregarded my colleague here."
Guy: (Still Not Getting It) "Don't talk to me! Come on, Emily, we're leaving!"
Mrs. F: (being all epic and Laura Roslin-ish) "Why do you say that? If you say that again, I will airlock you!"
Guy: "You guys are racist whites." (he's African-American, btw)
Emily: ;-_-
Me: o.O
Mr. W: "Excuse me, but that sort of talk is not acceptable."
Guy: "Don't talk to me! Nuh-uh, don't talk to me! You're all racists!"
Mr. W: (looks ready to murder)
Guy: "Bwuh?"
Guy: "Emily, we're leaving."
Emily: "Ignore my brother-in-law. Please." (looking mortified)
Mrs. F: (eyeroll) "Oh yeah, we're SO racist."
Me: "What is he ON?"

Talk about EPIC FAIL. And random. :P
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"Rape Row Sparks Excommunications"--[ profile] misscam 's already posted it on her lj. I got pissed at it and I didn't want to spam her lj with a lengthy rant about why I'm losing my faith in humanity, so I'm ranting here.

What. The. Fuck. (You know I'm really pissed when I use that word.)

That archbishop excommunicated the guys who terminated a NINE-YEAR-OLD RAPE VICTIM'S pregnancy! Is his mental radar rusty or something? Cos if I was that archbishop, I'd be damning the fucking RAPIST, not the people who HELPED the VICTIM! Maybe he read his Bible upside-down or something, because such an act like that is just... wow. Epic fucking fail.

That girl's uterus could barely contain one kid, but she got knocked up with TWINS. And she was NINE. A nine-year-old nearly became a mother--gee, let's condemn those guys who saved her life! Geez LOUISE. In cases like these, abortions are helpful. Obviously the archbishop got appointed for something other than having common sense.

I'm a Christian, too, and I'm seriously disappointed that the Catholics could do such an act of asshat-ery and FAIL. Seriously. So what if the Law of God was above human law? I'm sure it is, but I'm also just as sure that God would rather have you excommunicate the fucking rapist than the victim's helpers. I'm sure God loves the little children enough to want to let them live without having the fear of rape and pregnancies! I'm sure he loves us enough that if any nine-year-old girl got knocked up because she was raped, he would have agreed that abortion would have been in her best interests. Seriously.

And just now I remember why the heck I thought that the Catholics were loony--it also says that the Church opposed abortion for other young rape victims. Fuck that. No one wants a reminder of such trauma.
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Of all days to rain cats and dogs, it has to be a Late Start day where my parents are already off to work and I have no choice but to ride my bike to school.

And I have to ride back home in the rain.

Life doesn't get much better than this, aye?

Huh, what?

Feb. 4th, 2009 03:38 pm
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There's a penguin in Norway who's a knight?

Never knew that.

*is reading little bro's National Geographic Kids magazine*

EDIT: Another interesting thing. There's a Norwegian Scottish penguin keeper whose name is Roslin Talbot. Roslin Talbot. Nice name.


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