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You may have just noticed that all of my userpics (except for the Vienna Teng ones) all reverted to default. That's because I changed the keywords... and added on some new ones! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. :D

The awesome[info]misscam extended my paid account and also gave me extra icons! In return, I'm working on her new layout. Made good progress today - did her icons and headers. I might do variations.

I also need to test out new layouts and tinker around in CSS. ;]

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Has anyone ever seen my first icon? It was done using the Photobucket image editor, and looked like this:
Horrifying, y/y? I inflicted all of my newbie iconmaking on the Narnia fandom. The PPC should persecute me for it, lol.
But wait! I recently iconned the same picture. Now this is what Caspian looks like!
That's why I say we've come full circle. :D

Example no. 2: Anna Popplewell
This was done after I had gained some control over the Photobucket editor. It's not as bad as the first Caspian one. But it's blurry.
Look at me now!
It's so much more prettyful, don't you think?

This icon evolution has been brought to you by my recent icon-dump in [ profile] lepetitrien . :D
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Boredom hath struck again! :D So I've created some doodles.

a picture is worth a thousand words )

If anyone else wants a doodle, feel free to ask. :]

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i is wrting liek ths,, help me. argh. teh gramer, whar iz it?//11!/1?

[someone from [ profile] the_ppcsics Grammer on Lily]


Anyways. The lack of grammar! It hurts our eyes, Precious! The corniness! AAAAAAAUGH I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M WRITING!!!

I need therapy. Now, please.

Anyways, in happier news! I made some Cylon Rave icons for icedteainthebag. They're not brilliant, but I was bored.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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First of all, yes that icon shows me and Mrs. F.

I'm feeling depressed. STILL. Argh, I need fic!therapy. Any help?

At least I might have a Vienna Teng concert to look forward to and also a day with a friend from elementary school, Christine (aka Christianne)
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Holy crap. School's out on thursday.


That's kinda freaky.

Mrs. F has something for me. I haven't the slightest clue what it is and she won't tell me. *pouts* Well, they say that the wait is sometimes better than the gift. I've never really believed that...okay, maybe once or twice. :P

it's time I started confessing some stuff... )

The VOTES sim went out predictably - the American Independent Party, which is extremely conservative and the total opposite of Peace and Freedom, won the elections for all three periods. But they're the ones who stride around in suit jackets and ties and briefcases. They look the part. Peace and Freedom had to look casual, which really doesn't benefit our image. I pin all the blame on Mr. W, who is obviously biased and needs to stop putting prejudices and stereotypes on parties. We're not hippies, for frak's sake. We're LIBERALS. Grr.

Anyways. All we get are extra cookies. I'm going to make an icon that says: "I did a bunch of campaigning only to get a stupid cookie." :]

Is there something else I'm forgetting? *scratches head* Well, [info]laurawillows seems to be back for a while. Yay! *squishes* And I did do a bit of shameless flattery of the principal (Dr. T) during break. Tee hee.

We're getting yearbooks tomorrow, which is epic! Glee! :]
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I think my photoshop-fu's getting better, which is totally encouraging. One of these days I need to do an "Icon Evolution". :]

(ARGH, why is Facebook's flair thing being so frakking slow? I can't even make new ones! :[)


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