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Because this cartoon nearly makes me wish I was atheist.

That cartoon depicts someone being converted to Christianity through what could be the most shallow and religion-ist way possible, I swear. I mean, even the guys at my church have more sense than that Bob feller. They're more open-minded.

But oh no, Bob has to put down evolution and stuff as a "religion of scientists who laugh at God." Hello? I'm a Christian and I can follow both Creationism and Darwinism at the same time, so why can't you? Religionist fucker.

And then he goes on to spew bullshit about finding footprints of humans with dinosaurs. That, like I just said, is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

It pisses me off just how easily his covertees give in. The average convertee takes nearly a year to decide she or he wants to join the church (I should know). It makes Bob look like a Gary Stu with Jesus-like Powahs of Convershun. NO ONE OTHER THAN JESUS CAN DO THAT.

Don't get me started on his bull about "your teacher's been brainwashed". MRS. F WAS NOT BRAINWASHED.

So yes, Bob, EPIC FAIL. You got a Christian wishing you death. Someone send him out an airlock (preferably down to Hell).

I needed that off of my chest.
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I don't have homework on the day when we actually get enough time to do homework from different classes. Isn't that evil?

Why is it that Wednesdays tend to be the day when teachers just don't pile on the stuff? >.>
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Dere wuz a troll on [ profile] battlestar_blog , and I had to mock it. Because the troller messed with Laura Roslin, and no one messes with her in front of me and lives to tell the tale.

I'm taking a leaf out of [ profile] misscam 's book and copying the post here in case they take it down:

Da troll in all its trollish glory. Spoilers! )

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off.
Okay. Back to the previously scheduled mocking.

Lily Winterwood mocks da troll, Deleterius style )
This has been a mockery of trollage from yours truly.
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...And I'm not really enjoying it. What's the matter with me? I used to love the place.
Maybe it's because the teachers I like aren't teaching me anymore. The only one left is the science teacher, and she's now more of a boss than a teacher. I'm her aide, not her student.
Maybe it's because my new science teacher dresses like a lumberjack and I screw up in his class a lot.
Maybe it's because my history teacher has a fearsome reputation.
Maybe it's because my language arts teacher bores me to death.
Maybe it's because my math teacher has a thing for assigning homework. Tons of it.
Maybe it's because I have P.E. after lunch.
Maybe it's because I have the same study hall teacher from last year--the one who eats in class and barely pays attention to what is going on in the actual classroom.

Or maybe it's all of the above. My school life sucks. Sometimes I just want to run away to a happy place.

In my happy place, anything can happen.

It's Rivendell. It's Portable C. It's Battlestar Galactica. It's a strange combination of the three. In here, I can do what I want, when I want. I'd sleep the whole morning (Eru knows I need it) in a soft bed in Rivendell and surf the Internet the whole afternoon in Portable C. After dinner I'd go up to the Galactica's observation deck and see the stars.

I'd talk to Laura Roslin, Arwen Undomiel, and maybe even my online friends. I'd walk hand in hand with a little Elfling and yet feel like a child again. I'd actually stop and smell the flowers and take in the sights.

But in the end, life goes on. I still have to go to school every morning and come home loaded with homework. In my mind, I'll escape to my happy place and be all right. Eru knows I'm all wrong elsewhere.
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I am way, way behind on NaNo. In fact, sooooooo damn behind I'm probably gonna blow a gasket at the next person to tell me to get my ass out of the computer chair and somewhere else.
How far behind? Let's see...I got to the halfway point on Monday...

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Actually, it wasn't so bad in the morning...okay, the history test wasn't too bad and in the physics lab our group's poorly constructed (like cardboard and scotch tape bad) car actually managed to protect a raw egg from impact at 150 centimenters. But I should have gotten a signal during lunch--someone took my luchbox. I think I'll move to Middle-earth; at least the Elves won't steal your pink lunchbag that you've had ever since sixth grade.
So I went hunting all over the school. I asked the principal to let me hunt in the classrooms. It's nice that my mom has a coffee vending machine thingy installed in the teachers' lounge means the principal and my mom know each other. And that extends to me. So he unlocks the door to one of the classrooms for me and that search is fruitless along with all the other hunts. I realize I left my pencil box in math and go to get it. The teacher told me never to leave my stuff lying around in those desks or she'll give me a 200 word essay on why I shouldn't do that. I think I'll move to Middle-earth; at least the hobbits won't care if you leave your stuff lying around in desks. I think.

During study hall this wierdo who sits next to me starts making cracks about the teacher's breasts. Thank Eru said teacher was out walking her dog. She's the only one who has a dog on campus because that dog, a female golden retriever named Violet, is a guide dog in training. So the teacher was out walking Violet and the guy next to me starts claiming that "Ms. D has to wrap hers around her arms and tie them in knots before she can even fit them in a bra" and that "Girls probably can't feel a thing, so why is it whenever their tits get punched they're all like 'OMG I think you gave me tit cancer it hurts!' and all that shit? It's not like they're balls...yeah right, Camille, oh so you're saying that girls have balls on their tits? Testicle-boobs! Testicle boobs! Flat-chested girls's tits probably just haven't dropped yet". Annoying little bastard. I'm starting to think he wrote "Celebrian", you know, that terrible smut fic that can turn any self-respecting girl into a feminist? LotR smut fic or not, I think I'll move to Middle-earth. The members of the Fellowship probably aren't that unchivalrous to harass girls about their breasts--no, I'm near certain they won't. Chivalry in Middle-earth is alive and well. As opposed to Earth. No wonder there's so many "Girl-gets-dropped-into-Middle-earth" Suefics.

Then, during PE, two guys started making fun of my Chinese name. My Chinese name sounds like the Chinese word for "moon", but pronounced incorrectly it'll sound like the English personal pronoun "you". So they started making fun of my Chinese name. I nearly kicked one of the guys because I was already in a bitchy mood after study hall. Wish I could move to Middle-earth; at least there China doesn't even exist and I can always call myself "Eledhwen Elerossiel". Or something a whole lot more awesome than "Yue" or "Jennifer". 

Then came sixth period. I'm a teacher's aide during sixth, aiding my former science teacher. We know each other very well, and she knew immediately that I was in a grumpy mood. So she kept her distance for a while, letting me write out a harassment report against the kid in study hall. On Wednesday he'll probably get what's coming to him, the arrogant, sexist jerk. I'm tempted to say "douche bag", but that's not exactly mature. Anyways...after I gave the report to the principal, my former science teacher then confronted me about my grouchy attitude and tried to cheer me up. One of the students who was making fun of my name is in her class, and she had me talk to him. I felt more like yelling at him, but that was all nice and resolved. He's generally a good kid, but...whatever. 
I like my former science teacher. At least she cared. At least she made me realize that even in Middle-earth there will be someone who will steal your food, make lewd remarks about people, and make fun of your name. 

Oh, and I eventually found my lunchbox, but someone stole the cookies I had for packed for dessert. I blame hobbits.   


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