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Ganked from [ profile] xmaidelx.

post the names of 20 of your favorite musicians.
see who can guess which is your favorite song by each.

1) Vienna Teng (4 favorite songs)
2) Switchfoot (1)
3) Bear McCreary (3)
4) Taylor Swift (2)
5) Coldplay (1)
6) Snow Patrol (1)
7) Alanis Morissette (1)
8) Nickleback (1)
9) 3 Doors Down (1)
10) X-Ray Dog (2)
11) David Cook (1)
12) Enya (1)
13) A Fine Frenzy (2)
14) Gino Vannelli (1)
15) Idina Menzel (2)
16) Kate Alexa (1)
17) Sara Bareilles (1)
18) Regina Spektor (2)
19) The Pretenders (1)
20) My Chemical Romance (1)
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Ganked from [info]cofmanynames.

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Media Player, MP3 player, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For the first question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button TWICE
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool... just type it in!

the very melodramatic ideal!life of Lily Winterwood )
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I can name the BSG characters in a little over a minute. x] *happy Lily dance*

I'm working on a musical with [ profile] speechdork . It's A/R, using only Vienna Teng songs. Currently I have 36 songs on my prospective songlist and six acts. :P
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I am a happy Lily. :]
why can't fanfic writers take lessons in crossovers from jon schmidt? )

I think I'll have to get this on mah iRoslin when it comes out to the general public for download/purchase...
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Tomorrow we go to the Grand Canyon, south rim. :]

I tend to forget a lot of things, so here's another thing from yesterday. I was at that Wild Animal Park observing the birds in the aviary. There were two birds (Amazons, I believe. :P) that acted so nice and cozy that I was tempted to call them the "Roslin and Adama birds". I took a lot of photos of them; I'll picspam later.

Today we went to the Painted Desert, home to the Petrified Forest. It was... petrified. And ancient. They didn't allow us to take any petrified wood from the park, and my brothers and cousins threw hissy fits at that. We also went to Meteor Crater and some other pretty places whose names I totally forgot. :P Airlock me.

One of them was the ruins of a Hopi settlement, though. A few miles from that is this tall plateau with a wall. It looked creepily like the mountaintop where Adama built the cabin in Daybreak. I wanted to take pictures, but we were moving too fast. :[

Meteor Crater was windy. My hair got all messed up in the photos. As the name might suggest, the crater was created by a meteor. The Meteor Crater museum played a ten-minute movie about the place and later in the gift shop I bought something for Mrs. F...fossilized fish. ;P

After that we went to see petrified wood. Whee.

We had dinner at Denny's. The waitress seriously screwed up all of our orders. It was eventful. My bro Kenny and my cousin Ashley were cutting their french fries up and sprinkling salt on their ketchup. No comment.

I listened to just about every song on iRoslin on the drives in between the sites. I think I might make a Bella/Edward fanmix, because I'm just like that. :P And I might continue some BSG fanfic, but I barely have time cos Mom and Dad don't allow me to write or read in the car. XP
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This little mixtape is dedicated to Mrs. F (the Laura Reincarnate, zomgs!), Caitlyn, Christine, Christina, Rebecca, and everyone on my flist. *hugs*

you are the wind beneath my wings )
Download the mix here.
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I tried my best to avoid Daybreak songs in this one. Really, I did.

it's obvious that my heart beats for you )
Download the whole frakking thing (songs, album art, and lyrics) here. One of the songs is in mpeg-4 format (can someone tell me how to convert it to mp3?), but the rest are mp3. Enjoy!
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Yay, another soppy, emo fanmix. ;]
Adama/Roslin: Sobfest of a Love Story :P )
Download the whole frakking thing (songs, album art, and lyrics) here. Some of the songs are in mpeg4 format, and there is one in wmv. The majority of the songs are in mp3, though.

Edit: Remember Another Now? You can download it here now!
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So here's a fanmix for y'all. I couldn't get two of the songs, so it's not available for download yet. (Actually, I need to rerecord one of those two, because I'd like to throw in one of my own compositions.)

cut for uber spoilers. :P )
Another Now
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First she deleted all the songs and then she froze up. Srsly. Even though she has a human's name, she's got a cylon's mind.

Gods bless the troubleshooting page.


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