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You can find some pretty stock icons off of [ profile] misscam 's photos of Norway in springtime here at [ profile] lepetitrien . :]
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We had a two-day mock-trial for John Brown. Yeah, for two days I wore a suit to school. I love my suit jacket; it's very presidential. ;]

The trial's utter fail, btw. Mr. W seriously rigged it. What the frak? We found Brown innocent and he turned the camera off and yelled at us.

I was a defense witness whose character's father was in the prosecution. Does that remind you of anyone? Especially since I tried to make a passionate speech about justice and my "dad" was all like, "wtf?". It was LOL. And the judge kept spinning around in his chair. The baliff swore in the attorney instead of the witness, which was LOL, too. And Caitlyn was doing camera duty and constantly zoomed in on people's zits and freckles and stuff. x]

I want a blooperreel. I mean, I seriously screwed up my part... :P Hopefully no one will call me out on bad grammar 'cos I used "me and my friend" instead of "my friend and I". It's called NERVES. :P

In other news...
I made three animated "Battlestar Twilightica" icons. Why, no, this isn't supposed to be a jab at ANYTHING. *looks innocent*.
of three things i was absolutely positive )
(unfortunately the second and the third are too big for LJ. I have no idea how to "downsize" them. :P)

I also made icons off of the kittycats.
cat, i'm a kittycat. and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance. )
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First, the icon. Isn't it spiffy? :]
I modeled it off of the TVGuide photo. It's not perfect, but hey...

The latest ep of BSG was awesome as usual. And it's more heartbreaking, too.

These are all out of order, because I'm usually all out of order. Hum.
daybreak, part one )So the latest ep is killing me like it's killing everyone else. Want moar nao!!!!!
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it's called [ profile] lepetitrien , and I'm going to post my Photoshop creations there.

The latest icon dump can be found there.
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Don't let the title fool you. It's actually an icon dump. 42 pretty photoshop iconses... :]

Yup, I'm addicted to photoshop. What?

Teaser: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

pretty iconses this way )Comments are love! If you're snagging, please credit. :]
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Dad installed Photoshop 7.0 onto my computer, which means prettier icons like these:
Pretty iconses! )
Yeah, I've been busy. :]

But anyways, here's my thoughts on "No Exit".

For once, Lily is not a happy BSG watcher... )

Oh well. I'm working on the piece for "Blood on the Scales". It'll be up sooner or later. But in the meantime, here's some poetry I composed during my stint off of the intrawebz. (Technically I'm still off, seeing that it's so bipolar. But still...) 

Poems )
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It's Piccie Posting Time!

This is Agent Cassie Young. Here ya go, [ profile] cassie5squared, enjoy! 
For the artistically critical, yes I'm aware that one arm appears to be longer than the other. But I'm also aware that I suck at proportions and nearly failed them in math, so yeah.

Look, it's my favorite couple! Dafydd looks a little too happy-go-lucky, though. And I got the month wrong. It was July.

A set of LJ icons based off of [ profile] huinesoron  and [ profile] celebestel 's luverly wedding pics. If you are not them, tell me if you're going to snatch any of these icons. Credit to them and me are strongly suggested.    

Jasmine Illian-Sims, or at least, my interpretation of her. Can be a Mary Sue if you want.

Credit goes to [ profile] cassie5squared for giving me the idea to draw this. And that's a calla lily. One of my all-time favorite lilies. Stargazer and madonna lilies are pretty, too.

Self-portrait, but my hair is parted in the center. It's also not that straight, nor that short. And my lips and eye placement are not realistic, either. So we'll call this a self-caricature.

Eledhwen looks mad. I don't know why. Actually, this is the elleth walking a little behind Legolas in the coronation scene in RotK.
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Well, here we are again. I guess it must be fate.

And I'll stop quoting Cher now. x]

Base credit goes to [ profile] angelicshadow  and [ profile] flytheheavens 
Iconses! Lots of it! Preciousssss... )

Comments and credits are love! Yes, lots of it! With Ben Barnes cherries on top!
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Credit goes to [ profile] jadebear  of [ profile] unjadedgraphics  for some of the bases used here. Enjoy, y'all 

Icons are an awesome way to procrastinate. Really. )
So, here's batch two. Enjoy.

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Here's some icons I did on October 31st. Feel free to use them.
Base credits go to...[ profile] ceruleanghost  and [ profile] lejune , I believe?

 Iconses! )Ummm...enjoy?

Lily Winterwood, the NaNo Newbie
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Piccies and Icons! Whoo!

Constance Sims dressed as a Black Cat (heh, I couldn't help it) for Halloween and also looking chibi-ish.

Halloween-ish Icon for the Halloween-ish piccie.

'Cos that's what they are!

Another version of that. x]

Dafydd is COLORED! *faints*
(That took me a while because I have no WACOM tablet. >.<)

Constance is also COLORED!

Yeyz. Well, that's all for now. Feel free to use icons, but please credit.
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Just for that I'm going to post up a slew of icons and whatnot. XD
Hey's Figwit. Whaddya know.

Susan Pevensie/Anna Popplewell. Text is actually the lyrics from "Other Hours" by Harry Connick Jr. Awesome song, it is.


And more randomness is coming up...sometime this century.


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