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This is based off of the LotR Charge List, and acts as a reference guide for those willing to PPC BSG badfic. Enjoy.




10.2. Not using the word ‘frak’ )
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It's a Mary Sue Parody! Run for your lives!
I thought some of you might appreciate me writing humor for once, because I've probably been pretty depressing lately with my Past Lives series. (It's a completely different story in the LotR fandom, but whatevs.) Thanks go to [ profile] laurawillows  for betaing, as usual. :]

Title: Frak You, Mary Sue
Author: Lily Winterwood
Rating: K+
Fandom: BSG
Characters: Laura Roslin
Pairings: A/R, Mary Sue/Every other male in the BSG universe. What? It was to be expected.
Summary: Laura's thoughts about Mary Sue.
Disclaimer: I don't own BSG, but sooner or later my birthday will be here again and RDM is more than welcome to get me the present of a lifetime ... *hinthintwinkwink*


Moar bashing of da Mary Sue undah da cut )
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...I manage to write two missions for Eledhwen and Christianne in the BSG fandom when it's taken me more than a year to write a mission for them in LotR.

The missions are to be sent to beta readers...I think Pads won't mind. I don't know.

Go figure.

*wonders if many will get pissed at her for posting the resulting missions*
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I am pissed. Very, very pissed.

In two days I've discovered a whole bunch of BSG Mary Sues. Enough to keep Eledhwen and Christianne busy. And enough to make me lose a good chunk of my faith in humanity.

Whyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!
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Hmm, I may have a promising BSG Mary Sue Parody plotbunny, not as if they have any. There might be, but I'm not going into the Pit of Voles. Much.
That whole crazyroninchic story about LotR characters reading a Suefic? Well, this is the BSG version. Adama finds a curious book, and he reads it to Roslin. Other characters drop by occasionally. The story's a Suefic and they all share a laugh at the expense of Mary Sue. Hmm... would it work?
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Soooooo...after a lot of pondering and musing and asking people about this (I got a lot of strange stares for that one), I have finally finished the first mission for Bill Fallis and Lori Starrett.
*fake fanfare and applause*
I CAN tell if you're sincere or not, you know. I AM the (self-proclaimed) Lady of Sarcastic Randomness!
Missun Da Furst! *viktary danse* )
So, that's our speshul pilot mission. The graph will be coming up in the following post.  

EDIT: Nevermind. The graph will NOT be coming up. If you want to see it, tell me in a comment and give me your email so I can send it to you.
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Spork the Second: of Terrible HTML Formatting

Yeah...the LJ Cut went all wierd on me. But then I tampered around with the HTML and somewhat fixed it. :)
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Soooo...I was being my usual annoying self in Chinese class, and this is what happens.
Doodles on My Notes. )


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