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Bad pun, I know. :P

So in celebration of Mary McDonnell McAwesome's birthday, I has four stickynote doodles and a kittycat.

merry marymas to you )

So, merry Marymas! May tidings of cheer and Marywill come to all. Live long and prosper.

Wait, wrong fandom.


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:19 pm
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Took me a while (life's a bitch and I still live on. XP), but I have three BSG-ish stickynote doodles! :]

denial is a river in egypt )
Yes, the girl in the first panel is me. The second one is done for my friend Caitlyn, who's still wanking over the lack of closure Lee and Kara had. The third one is Laura and Bill. I also have a normal version, but they're both teenagers in that one. :P
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hopefully icons will pop up some day in [profile] lepetitrienafter this. :]

not all of these are BSG related.

doodles )
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Here's some more pretty doodles. I've learned that blue paper works the best.
(And I also re-scanned pandora's birfday pwessent onto this. Sorry 'bout that.)

I've also made a slew of icons based on these, but those I'll post some other day.
twelve doodles )
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Don't let the title fool you. It's actually an icon dump. 42 pretty photoshop iconses... :]

Yup, I'm addicted to photoshop. What?

Teaser: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

pretty iconses this way )Comments are love! If you're snagging, please credit. :]
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Nine sticky note doodles and A/R in color. Cheers!
Cut da pic to save your flist. Aren't I nice? )
Nine cartoons. The first two and the two with Tigh in them were requested by [ profile] missbevcrusher  and [ profile] pandorabox82 , respectively. Hope they cheer up your day!
Cute A/R is cute. So say we all. )
Roslin and Adama, now in Prismacolor. Whoo!
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I have this stack of post-its and a collection of highlighters and markers. The result is this.

Yes, I know I suck at cutting corners.

Doodles under the cut )

I take requests on these, so feel free to ask. :]


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