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another answer under the cut ) Aren't we ossum? Yes, you learn something new EVERY FRAKKIN' DAY.

In other news, Mrs. F has checked out season 4 on DVD. Yay.
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Because this cartoon nearly makes me wish I was atheist.

That cartoon depicts someone being converted to Christianity through what could be the most shallow and religion-ist way possible, I swear. I mean, even the guys at my church have more sense than that Bob feller. They're more open-minded.

But oh no, Bob has to put down evolution and stuff as a "religion of scientists who laugh at God." Hello? I'm a Christian and I can follow both Creationism and Darwinism at the same time, so why can't you? Religionist fucker.

And then he goes on to spew bullshit about finding footprints of humans with dinosaurs. That, like I just said, is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

It pisses me off just how easily his covertees give in. The average convertee takes nearly a year to decide she or he wants to join the church (I should know). It makes Bob look like a Gary Stu with Jesus-like Powahs of Convershun. NO ONE OTHER THAN JESUS CAN DO THAT.

Don't get me started on his bull about "your teacher's been brainwashed". MRS. F WAS NOT BRAINWASHED.

So yes, Bob, EPIC FAIL. You got a Christian wishing you death. Someone send him out an airlock (preferably down to Hell).

I needed that off of my chest.
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Watched "Bastille Day" and  "Act of Contrition" today. Lee and Zarek are epic tools.


Technically done with New Moon (skimmed last few chappies cos once Ed's back, everything goes uber corny as he dramatically declares his undying lurve for Bella and crap). If there's one thing I want to see in the NM movie, it's Head!Edward.

It would be totesly awesomesauce. When Bella does something stupid, head!Edward (Headward!) could pop out of nowhere and no one else but Bella can see him, just like Gaius and head!Six! He can yell at her and she can yell back and everyone else will look at her like she's going crazy because she is.

Yes, I want to see Headward. That's all I want to see. :P

In Mrs. F news...her students are going to take home baby toasters baby simulators sooner or later! For those who never had to go through the dubious honor of caring for a Real Care Baby, these babies are robots designed to act like human babies. They cry and laugh and burp and sleep and those noises are meant to be real (sooooo fake. when it sleeps it sounds like Darth Vader. Srsly). When it cries, the person with the dubious honor of being the parent has to see which of the four things it wants: rocking, burping, feeding, nuking the humans, or (the personal favorite of Mrs. F because she's evil like that) changing its diaper. A microchip senses whether you're there or not and if you carried out its latest demands. It also notes if you accidentally drop the baby's head. Rumors go around that it also records what you say to it.

Nevertheless it's not very human at the moment. It looks pretty darn real and weighs about 6 pounds, but at least it doesn't pee and poop and move and stuff. Cos then we'd need to get off of this Earth ASAP before the Cylons return.
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You might have noticed that I haven't updated since...... a long time ago.

But the Yampavai Lodge at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon doesn't have wifi and you have to pay for it at Bellagio.

I know, depressing. :[


Read more... )
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Tomorrow we go to the Grand Canyon, south rim. :]

I tend to forget a lot of things, so here's another thing from yesterday. I was at that Wild Animal Park observing the birds in the aviary. There were two birds (Amazons, I believe. :P) that acted so nice and cozy that I was tempted to call them the "Roslin and Adama birds". I took a lot of photos of them; I'll picspam later.

Today we went to the Painted Desert, home to the Petrified Forest. It was... petrified. And ancient. They didn't allow us to take any petrified wood from the park, and my brothers and cousins threw hissy fits at that. We also went to Meteor Crater and some other pretty places whose names I totally forgot. :P Airlock me.

One of them was the ruins of a Hopi settlement, though. A few miles from that is this tall plateau with a wall. It looked creepily like the mountaintop where Adama built the cabin in Daybreak. I wanted to take pictures, but we were moving too fast. :[

Meteor Crater was windy. My hair got all messed up in the photos. As the name might suggest, the crater was created by a meteor. The Meteor Crater museum played a ten-minute movie about the place and later in the gift shop I bought something for Mrs. F...fossilized fish. ;P

After that we went to see petrified wood. Whee.

We had dinner at Denny's. The waitress seriously screwed up all of our orders. It was eventful. My bro Kenny and my cousin Ashley were cutting their french fries up and sprinkling salt on their ketchup. No comment.

I listened to just about every song on iRoslin on the drives in between the sites. I think I might make a Bella/Edward fanmix, because I'm just like that. :P And I might continue some BSG fanfic, but I barely have time cos Mom and Dad don't allow me to write or read in the car. XP
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Still in Arizona. :P

Conveniently forgot yesterday that we went to an outlet mall at Barstow. I saw Helo there.

No, not in the flesh. As an action figure. :P

I should have bought him. ;]

Finished Twilight. Great. I forgot to check out the rest, thinking I'll spend the whole week on Twilight. Guess I forgot just how fast I can read with time to kill. Now the only other thing left is Tom Sawyer. :P x[

Went to a wild animal park today. Funny thing about it is that it's right next to a prison and a courthouse. :P

After that we went to Sedona. It was spiffy. I met with a Chinese school classmate there. We're all BFFs, so we went to dinner together. Yum, fried bananas... :]

Mah little bro is acting up right now. :P

I listened to "River Flows In You" (Bella/Edward theme) on the way to Sedona. The piece right after it on iRoslin is "Roslin and Adama". Of course, da A/R theme totally pwned Bella/Edward's piano piece. Come on, what's a piddly little piano next to an orchestra? ;]

We're going to Vegas on Thursday and we're staying at the Bellagio there. ;]
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Hey, I'm in Arizona! :P
The travel plan's for us to go to Flagstaff and stay there for three days. Then we'll go to the Grand Canyon and finally to Vegas.
The car ride was Boring with a capital B. I listened to iRoslin and read Twilight. Whee.

So far, I've kinda conceded that yes, Bella is a Mary Sue and Edward is a Gary Stu. But then again, Mary Sues and Gary Stus belong together (so the better characterized can get left alone :P). Verdict? I is a Bella/Edward shipper.

Jacob seems pretty awesome, but I haven't seen much of him yet. Alice has just made her entrance. Carlisle is awesome. :]

As for teams, I'm still neutral. Edward is pretty cool (despite being a Gary Stu) and I think Bella is lucky to get someone like him-even if the price is him being a vampire. :P Life's a bitch and then you get bitten.

Their relationship is rather unrealistic, I have to agree. It goes from "I hate you" to "I love you" in a matter of chapters. I wanted more a friendship between the two. Like an Adama/Roslin sort of partnership/friendship. But I guess because Edward is allegedly hot that that's not much of an option. :P ;]

But back to life. It is good. Ish. I miss mah friends. :[

Anyone going to Vegas or the Grand Canyon? Plz keep me company!!!!! ;] *looks pointedly at [ profile] laurandbillever *
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Back in seventh grade our language arts class did a thing called WORLD where we created fantasy lands and went to war with each other... and so on and so forth. Our group's "world" was called the State of DeNial.

And I'm back there again. BSG is ending! Whyyyyyy?!?!?

I need to go make a playlist for the BSG fangirl going through Battlestar withdrawal. ;]

But on happier news... the total count of BSG fans in my life has increased! Let's welcome Jessica (who's also a Trekkie), Jessica's english teacher, and Caitlyn's dance teacher!

Of course, the more the merrier. :] :] :]

Now for our daily Mrs. F update...

~The Cylons have taken over her computer. (That's what she said. Really.)
~Adama came back from the dead for her (she's watching from the beginning and waiting for the DVDs, and she's on season 2 right now)
~I am swaying her towards A/R! Yay!
~When she found out that EJO and MM might not appear on Caprica, she was all like, "WHAT? NO!" So say we all.
~She's looking forward to A/R's first kiss scene in Ressurection Ship. :]
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But it's gotta stop someday.

Tomorrow, BSG ends. And I'm in a state of depression because of that.

Tomorrow, we'll receive the final word on who dies and who doesn't. (I want Laura to live! Srsly! But she never had a good chance ever since the Miniseries...)

Tomorrow, Canon will be complete (except for Caprica, but that's a different story.)

Tomorrow is a night of awesomeness on a more somber mood than what we had on January 16.

So now I'll just go and listen to Bear McCreary's pieces and drown myself in melancholy. Thank the Gods for root beer.


Mar. 16th, 2009 07:05 pm
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Rebecca jumped ship. She's all for Kara/Lee now.

That tips the balance! I must convert Mrs. F to the A/R side to counter this!


Caitlyn revealed our theories to Rebecca...the one that Mrs. F is Laura Roslin in a past life. There's just too many scary coincidences with the whole "teacher with breast cancer and red hair and a love interest named Bill" thing.

Reb's very scared. lol.

In other news, I think I accidentally gave Mrs. F the cold. Bad Lily. *chastises self*

And in other other news, I read about how the Internet works-by cables on the ocean floor! That article in Popular Science also showed the importance of hubs and stuff... so if the Cylons attack, we're all doomed if they target those things.

Also read about an electronic pill designed to cure colon cancer. We are getting way too reliant on technology, aren't we?
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Non spoilery thoughts--OFUBSG's going to get interesting once I get here... :]

Spoilery thoughts (all out of order):

OFUBSG's going to get interesting once I get here... )

So overall, this ep was awesome. A lot of A/R, some Saul/Ellen, some Kara/Lee, some Kara/Anders and Kara/Baltar... and a lot of drama. Whee.
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"Rape Row Sparks Excommunications"--[ profile] misscam 's already posted it on her lj. I got pissed at it and I didn't want to spam her lj with a lengthy rant about why I'm losing my faith in humanity, so I'm ranting here.

What. The. Fuck. (You know I'm really pissed when I use that word.)

That archbishop excommunicated the guys who terminated a NINE-YEAR-OLD RAPE VICTIM'S pregnancy! Is his mental radar rusty or something? Cos if I was that archbishop, I'd be damning the fucking RAPIST, not the people who HELPED the VICTIM! Maybe he read his Bible upside-down or something, because such an act like that is just... wow. Epic fucking fail.

That girl's uterus could barely contain one kid, but she got knocked up with TWINS. And she was NINE. A nine-year-old nearly became a mother--gee, let's condemn those guys who saved her life! Geez LOUISE. In cases like these, abortions are helpful. Obviously the archbishop got appointed for something other than having common sense.

I'm a Christian, too, and I'm seriously disappointed that the Catholics could do such an act of asshat-ery and FAIL. Seriously. So what if the Law of God was above human law? I'm sure it is, but I'm also just as sure that God would rather have you excommunicate the fucking rapist than the victim's helpers. I'm sure God loves the little children enough to want to let them live without having the fear of rape and pregnancies! I'm sure he loves us enough that if any nine-year-old girl got knocked up because she was raped, he would have agreed that abortion would have been in her best interests. Seriously.

And just now I remember why the heck I thought that the Catholics were loony--it also says that the Church opposed abortion for other young rape victims. Fuck that. No one wants a reminder of such trauma.


Feb. 27th, 2009 03:38 pm
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Lori and Bill had a fight today. She told me. Apparently they never fight.

Bill wants to buy these expensive bikes and he wants the two of them to have five-hour biking workouts on Sundays, and Lori says she doesn't have enough time. Even if her son Liam and his wife Jenny are planning to move back to this side of the country and they both like biking as well. (Jenny's mom apparently has a huge inheritance and she doesn't have to work. Lucky.)

Lori's more into workout videos. *snigger*

But on a completely unrelated note: last time I told you guys that Liam was the captain of an airline, right? Well, Lori told him to boss around the First Officer. Kara/Lee, anyone?

See what interesting things you can pick up from conversations if you actually listen?
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I've converted my friend Caitlyn and my former seventh grade science teacher (who is now also a friend) over to BSG. Go me!

They're both going through Season One right now, though Caitlyn keeps herself updated on the new stuff as well. Mrs. F is considering getting her son (Liam, captain of an airline! See the "Past Lives" potential, hmm?) hooked onto BSG as well. Yay! The more the merrier. I need people to squee with.

Another friend Daniel has a buddy named Mark Oliver who likes BSG. :] :] :]

So far, Caitlyn is watching the "Lee/Kara, Kara/Anyone in the days before she realizes Lee is her twoo wuv, Gaius/Anyone, and Sharon/Helo" show, but Mrs. F is watching the "Adama/Roslin" show. Like me. And she considers Laura as her hero, except for the part where she didn't get mammograms on a yearly basis and thus has her severe, inoperable case of breast cancer. I agree. I mean, Mrs. F had breast cancer as well (and seeing that her first name's Lori and she uses reading glasses and has red hair and a hubby named Bill, I'm getting even more freaked out), but she detected it in the early stages and stuff. Seventh grade science teachers need to set an example, non?

I don't know why writing Adama/Roslin fic, including smut, is easier than writing Tolkien fanfic in general. Maybe it's because it's so hard to get into an Elf's mind? *scratches head*
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Non spoilery thoughts: Whoa.

Spoilery thoughts:


whoa.  )

So overall, this ep was much better than the one before it. And there's only four more after this... *sniff*


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Dad installed Photoshop 7.0 onto my computer, which means prettier icons like these:
Pretty iconses! )
Yeah, I've been busy. :]

But anyways, here's my thoughts on "No Exit".

For once, Lily is not a happy BSG watcher... )

Oh well. I'm working on the piece for "Blood on the Scales". It'll be up sooner or later. But in the meantime, here's some poetry I composed during my stint off of the intrawebz. (Technically I'm still off, seeing that it's so bipolar. But still...) 

Poems )
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...ish. Internet is still bipolar.
I'm back home from da mountains though. There's snow. Yay! But I forgot my camera. Awww. And appropriate footwear. Frak!

I drew more sticky note doodles, including a pressie for pandorabox. It's her b-day today. Yay!

It's misscam's b-day on the 20th! Whoo!

I'm currently downloading the latest BSG ep to watch when intrawebz are down.
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Karma is a bitch, I guess. Internet went down and will be down for a week on my computer. I'm typing this on someone else's.

But I swear I'll make it up! I wrote a BSG M rated interlude in "Past Lives", composed BSG poetry, and I doodled on sticky notes. Square sticky notes. Which means it's easier to make icons with! Whoo!

I'll spend the rest of the week drawing and writing fanfic. Don't worry.

This weekend I'm off to the mountains. I'll post piccies! :]

Oh, and in case some of us didn't notice: BSG Friending Meme!
Another edit: I did TWO fanfics this week. Boy, am I good. They're both for "Past Lives" and rated M. I'll try and get them to my beta reader (cough cough). :]
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