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(And yes, this occasion does allow for three exclaimation points. What?)
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Well, here we are again. I guess it must be fate.

And I'll stop quoting Cher now. x]

Base credit goes to [ profile] angelicshadow  and [ profile] flytheheavens 
Iconses! Lots of it! Preciousssss... )

Comments and credits are love! Yes, lots of it! With Ben Barnes cherries on top!
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I think everyone and their dogs (and cats and mini-Balrogs) know this by now. I just wanted to reinforce it.
It doesn't get on my nerves because I'm a fence sitter this time around.


Okay, that gets on my nerves! Even if I don't like slash (that's because most slash fics pair up two people who I know are not gay and probably would never be gay, much less with each other), I still think that in the Real World, if you're in love with someone, regardless of whether that person is of the same or opposite gender, it's ok to get married! Now gay people have to go to Vegas or something to get married. This just ticks me off.
My parents think gay marriage is unnatural. Because apparently animals are not gay... how does that explain those two male beetles (I can tell. The females are fatter than the males for this species and many others) I saw getting cozy one Saturday afternoon?

So, that's my mini-rant. Now back to procrastinating on NaNoWriMo. I am soooo in a plot-rut and am about 2,000 words behind the daily goal. But then I forgot to eat lunch so it caught up to me in the form of a godawful stomach ache. I hate stomach aches.
What should I have burnt down in celebration of Guy Fawkes's night anyways? The school building? Or maybe a character?
Whatever. At least I managed to do a PPC mission (even if it has no connection to whatever nonexistant plot arc I had in mind) for Eledhwen and Christianne. And I'm going to sign Lori and Bill up for the Australian Quiddich League-thingy against their will.
I want to make a desktop calendar. So far, all I have are notes in my school planner. I like what I have planned for next Thursday--"It's Hug a Teacher day! Glomp your nearest teacher and record what happens in your story!" It works, because I'm doing a story about school.

No comment.
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Looking at the totally awesomesauce nanowrimo icon [ profile] lesleykajira  made and the flash video "Ze End of Ze World", I got this wierd idea...what if we have one for school? Like, one about my old middle school?
Here's what I would use...


So, this is Venado... )

Lolz. Now I'm back to procrastination on homework and nanowrimo. See ya.

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Credit goes to [ profile] jadebear  of [ profile] unjadedgraphics  for some of the bases used here. Enjoy, y'all 

Icons are an awesome way to procrastinate. Really. )
So, here's batch two. Enjoy.

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Four girls discover their past lives in the ruins of a middle school they find in a plothole.

Random, I know.
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Here's some icons I did on October 31st. Feel free to use them.
Base credits go to...[ profile] ceruleanghost  and [ profile] lejune , I believe?

 Iconses! )Ummm...enjoy?

Lily Winterwood, the NaNo Newbie
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*hyperpreventilates* November! And I'm a newbie! Nooooo!

*deeeeeeep breaths* Okay, okay, girl, get a grip. You can do this. At least try it. It'll show you proper time management and all sorts of other life skills...

I'm doomed.

*locks up Inner Editor*
*prepares coffee. Lots of it*
*hunts for plotbunnies*



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