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And I am so frakking happy like woah.

Out of 600 possible points, I got 593 in history, 557 in science, 485 in English, and 463 in math. That, according to the state, is enough to get me into the advanced performance level.

Of course, these tests are crazily easy because the state wants to make everyone feel smart while non-US kids kick their asses. Honestly, that history test was so frakking easy that any kid in my class could have done it in their sleep. Got a 100 in the US history and Constitution section - should I take the citizenship tests for my parents or something?

As for science... I apparently fail in forces and motion. :P

English... lowest score is in "Writing Strategies". Oh, so I guess you don't appreciate my fanfictional writing strategies, State of CA?

Math... lowest score is in functions and rational expressions. Maybe I'm just not a rational person, lol.

Also, later today I'm going to a bonfire party at the beach. Glee! :D
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Guess what? Misogyny's still not dead!

Anyways! On a lighter note: I had perhaps the most boring afternoon ever, coupled with the best evening! We went to Riverside (hell on Earth, I swear by the temperature) and then had noodles at a resturant nearby. And on the way back we went shopping at South Coast Plaza and bought some perfume and a new handbag from Coach. The perfume cost seventy dollars and the bag a thousand.

Dad says he could buy two computers and three iPhones with that. I say I could get ten Permanent Accounts. LOL.
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You may have just noticed that all of my userpics (except for the Vienna Teng ones) all reverted to default. That's because I changed the keywords... and added on some new ones! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. :D

The awesome[info]misscam extended my paid account and also gave me extra icons! In return, I'm working on her new layout. Made good progress today - did her icons and headers. I might do variations.

I also need to test out new layouts and tinker around in CSS. ;]

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The site that hotlinked my doodles was in Czech so I accessed it with Google Translate (which sucks, but I don't really care.)
They have a BSG section there, and look at what I found! ;D

moar screecaps! )
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It's been a while since I did an "episode review", aka squealing over random events in random episodes.

So here are my documented squeeings, placed all out of order:

my thoughts on the ep; spoilers and squee within )
I guess that's that. Can't wait to see more epic Maryness! :]
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My Milk Toof, by Inhae.

all together now...

They're so icon-able! *melts*
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How presidential. I wonder if Laura Roslin knows how to do it like that, too! ;]
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And it's also the saddest, cos after this I'm going to a different school and I won't see Mrs. F the Awesome anymore! *sniff* I think I'm already exhibiting withdrawal symptoms. :[

epic story is epic )

Today was totally epic. :] :] :] I'll miss everyone at my school so much. Especially Mrs. F.
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Best. Present. EVER.
It's an AUTOGRAPHED (it's real, I have the certificate and stuff!) picture of Mary (as Laura)!!! *squees like a fangirl* And she's wearing THAT SHIRTTTTTTTT! *drools like a fangirl*

It's also officially obvious that this time around, the gift is a bazillion times better than waiting for it. Totally.

I love Mrs. F. so frakking hard it kinda hurts. ;] She's such an awesome person and I'll miss her so much. (and I hope she gets a Twitter soon!) She's my sine qua non. :]

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I was going through old TIME periodicals, trying to decide what to chuck and what to keep, when I came across this lovely article.
What really gets me smiling is the picture they used - namely, the one where Lee looks awkward, Bill looks down Laura's shirt, and Laura looks smug. The little snippet TIME used in the table of contents mentioned something about algae-eating humans. XD.

In a later issue, BSG is noted as 8th in a Top Ten list for "Best TV Series". So Say We All.

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May. 7th, 2009 08:31 am
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I didn't notice it before. Stupid me.


There's like ten sentences about him that also have a personal pronoun in them. I swear I would have started squeeing at the top of my lungs had it not been ten o clock at night. :P

And the last sentence talked about him playing Jaime Escalante and I was all like, "WTF I SAW THAT MOVIE LAST YEAR! HOW THE FRAK DID I NOT KNOW IT WAS EJO?!?" This is all kinds of frakked up. Bleh.

Now I'm rushing off to school. Toodles.

ETA: Here's the assignment! :]


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