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And I am so frakking happy like woah.

Out of 600 possible points, I got 593 in history, 557 in science, 485 in English, and 463 in math. That, according to the state, is enough to get me into the advanced performance level.

Of course, these tests are crazily easy because the state wants to make everyone feel smart while non-US kids kick their asses. Honestly, that history test was so frakking easy that any kid in my class could have done it in their sleep. Got a 100 in the US history and Constitution section - should I take the citizenship tests for my parents or something?

As for science... I apparently fail in forces and motion. :P

English... lowest score is in "Writing Strategies". Oh, so I guess you don't appreciate my fanfictional writing strategies, State of CA?

Math... lowest score is in functions and rational expressions. Maybe I'm just not a rational person, lol.

Also, later today I'm going to a bonfire party at the beach. Glee! :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Watch Battlestar Galactica. Get Mrs. F into it before Halloween so you two can dress up as Laura and Billy.

Tell Mrs. F you love her. Because you do.

Don't be ashamed of being different.
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So today's the end-of-the-school year ceremony thing (aka promotion) and I didn't get my tearducts functioning until lunch, an hour later. :[

cut for overemotional wangst. :*[ )
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And it's also the saddest, cos after this I'm going to a different school and I won't see Mrs. F the Awesome anymore! *sniff* I think I'm already exhibiting withdrawal symptoms. :[

epic story is epic )

Today was totally epic. :] :] :] I'll miss everyone at my school so much. Especially Mrs. F.
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Best. Present. EVER.
It's an AUTOGRAPHED (it's real, I have the certificate and stuff!) picture of Mary (as Laura)!!! *squees like a fangirl* And she's wearing THAT SHIRTTTTTTTT! *drools like a fangirl*

It's also officially obvious that this time around, the gift is a bazillion times better than waiting for it. Totally.

I love Mrs. F. so frakking hard it kinda hurts. ;] She's such an awesome person and I'll miss her so much. (and I hope she gets a Twitter soon!) She's my sine qua non. :]

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Holy crap. School's out on thursday.


That's kinda freaky.

Mrs. F has something for me. I haven't the slightest clue what it is and she won't tell me. *pouts* Well, they say that the wait is sometimes better than the gift. I've never really believed that...okay, maybe once or twice. :P

it's time I started confessing some stuff... )

The VOTES sim went out predictably - the American Independent Party, which is extremely conservative and the total opposite of Peace and Freedom, won the elections for all three periods. But they're the ones who stride around in suit jackets and ties and briefcases. They look the part. Peace and Freedom had to look casual, which really doesn't benefit our image. I pin all the blame on Mr. W, who is obviously biased and needs to stop putting prejudices and stereotypes on parties. We're not hippies, for frak's sake. We're LIBERALS. Grr.

Anyways. All we get are extra cookies. I'm going to make an icon that says: "I did a bunch of campaigning only to get a stupid cookie." :]

Is there something else I'm forgetting? *scratches head* Well, [info]laurawillows seems to be back for a while. Yay! *squishes* And I did do a bit of shameless flattery of the principal (Dr. T) during break. Tee hee.

We're getting yearbooks tomorrow, which is epic! Glee! :]
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I'm currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl right now and it is awesome. It's been a while since I actually read a book that drew me in with details AND characterization AND actions that look pretty darn natural in that time period.

There are plenty of fics out there that do that, but with books... I guess I should loaf around in Barnes&Noble more. ;]

Anyways... the VOTES sim of DOOM is over! Glee! Our (Peace and Freedom) video doesn't look that great, but it's got a funny blooperreel and stuff. And the Democrats claim that theirs is worse.

Kudos to the Republicans for mentioning (I think they mentioned it, at least) Cylon Raiders and also to the American Independent Party for making shy, quiet Tina beat Patrick up. That was a laugh.

Mrs. F is considering joining Twitter. I hope she does! :]
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Ah, life is epic.

Over the weekend I drew the same person for about 130 times, running the person through every emotion LJ has a moodtheme for. No reason, I guess.

Probably not going to do it again. :P

Today we filmed a scene for our video. (We only really had an hour) I had this big-ass statistics dump and a few other scenes before I get kidnapped! Haha! We played around with makeup and wigs; Mrs. F let us borrow hers now that her hair's growing out (it's freaking CURLY when it used to be just fluffy and epic!). She has a wavy brown one, a short black one, and two red ones. Rachel and Caitlyn looked awesome in the two red wigs. Rachel moreso than Caitlyn, but Caitlyn's wig had a near-mullet. :P She was all like, "I look like a guy with boobs!" and stuff.

Caitlyn was being pretty frakking perverted. She was laughing at all of the awkward parts and we had a blooper where the camera started and she forgot her lines. Off camera she had a fake British accent. It was epic, haha.

And there was the end part where I'm in the bushes and I get attacked... Caitlyn put on a lot of makeup for that one and wore my swooshy LotR cloak. She then proceeded to pick me up and I was screaming. For reals. ;P

Tomorrow we're doing some more filming. Yay?
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Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

Let's see...
  1. Laura Roslin/Bill Adama (Battlestar Galactica)
  2. Aragorn/Arwen Undomiel (Lord of the Rings)
  3. Caspian X/Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
  4. Harry Potter/Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  5. Bella Swan/Edward Cullen (Twilight)
  6. Draco Malfoy/Ginevra Weasley (Harry Potter)
  7. Leland Adama/Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)
  8. Legolas Thranduillion/Arwen Undomiel (Lord of the Rings)
  9. Artemis Fowl/Holly Short (Artemis Fowl)
  10. Samuel T. Anders/Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)
I think there are two seperate trends going on there. :P

In Real Life news...
~We're doing a votes simulation in History class. There are political parties, rallies, Meet the Press, and basically the whole shindig. I'm in Peace and Freedom, which is even more liberal than a Democrat. Go me.
~Our PAF group did tie-dye shirts today and I stained my hands green on accident. I pretended to be Elphaba on purpose.
~I'm not going to be able to make it to the Envelope Screening series because of school issues. Go figure. T.T Mary and EJO, why must you guys come over on a school night? WHYYYYYYY?!? And why Los Angeles?
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I've posted the first part of the epic spork of BST. Yay. There's a little bit of justice done. Honestly, even AU fics shouldn't be rankled with that much OOC. And I think I have a prospective future as an editor if I can't make it as a scientist... I don't know how many grammatical errors I had to fix. (Pretty frakking sad seeing that I'm most likely the youngest fanwriter in this place...other than [ profile] cofmanynames )

And a little side note to [ profile] laurandbillever : No, I'm not going to regret this. It'll be therapuetic, believe me. Like screaming into a pillow, ripping up paper, and breaking pencils.  And you won't even see it, so don't worry.

Testing starts tomorrow. Frak. I'm going to bomb the math section; I can smell it.
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I might be able to take a baby toaster Real Care Baby home after Mrs. F's kids are done with them! Mom and Dad agreed (albeit reluctantly).

That means lots and lots of piccies! I think Liam might have been taken, but I'll settle for William. Or even Madie.



May. 7th, 2009 08:31 am
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I didn't notice it before. Stupid me.


There's like ten sentences about him that also have a personal pronoun in them. I swear I would have started squeeing at the top of my lungs had it not been ten o clock at night. :P

And the last sentence talked about him playing Jaime Escalante and I was all like, "WTF I SAW THAT MOVIE LAST YEAR! HOW THE FRAK DID I NOT KNOW IT WAS EJO?!?" This is all kinds of frakked up. Bleh.

Now I'm rushing off to school. Toodles.

ETA: Here's the assignment! :]

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Kay, so here's what happened today.

Question on the board: "True/False: the Viper, the Raptor, and the Raider bring in oxygen and remove cabon dioxide from your body."
Lily: *giggle*
Mrs. F: *giggle*
Student 1: Raiders? Isn't that a football team?
Mrs. F: Raise your hand if you're a Battlestar Galactica fan!
Lily and Mrs. F: *raise hands*
Mrs. F: Woo! GO BSG!
Lily: *giggle*
Student 2: Darn it, I got that question wrong!

In other news, I'm scheduled to take French I and French II next year. Glee!


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