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Aka: the "eight friends stuck in a house" meme from Facebook.

Pick 8 random friends you interact with a lot. (You’re number four.)
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These eight people you just picked are stuck in a house with you for a whole year. There is no leaving the house at all until the year is completely up. If you had to choose a person for every question below, write down which person it would be.

BagEnders: Fangirl Edition )
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Total Length of Songs: 1.1 Days

Sort by song title
First song: "Adagio" by Secret Garden
Last song: "20/20" by Alanis Morisette

Sort by time
Shortest song: "Gretchen Ross" by Micheal Andrews (0:47)
Longest song: "Assault on the Colony" by Bear McCreary feat. Raya Yarbrough (15:08)

Sort by album
First song: "Everything Else Disappears" by Sister Hazel
Last song: "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down

Top 10 most played songs
"Roslin and Adama" by Bear McCreary
"Somewhere in Time" by John Barry
"The John Dunbar Theme" by John Barry
"Antebellum" by Vienna Teng
"From the Heart" by X-Ray Dog
"Promise" by Kai
"Admiral and Commander" by Bear McCreary
"Close Your Eyes" by Christophe Beck
"None Can Die" by Anne Dudley
"Another Now" by Kate Alexa
(There's an overflow of instrumental music here... most likely because I fall asleep to my iPod.)

First 10 songs that come up on shuffle
"Dear Mr. President" by P!ink
"Don't Dream It's Over" by Sixpence None The Richer
"Buttons" by Pussycat Dolls
"In This Life" by Delta Goodrem
"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
"Somewhere Out There" by Our Lady Peace
"Better In Time" by Leona Lewis
"An Easterly View" by Bear McCreary
"20/20" by Alanis Morisette
"Fantasy" by Mariah Carey

"sex" - how many songs come up?: 1
"love" - how many songs come up?: 57
"you" - how many songs come up?: 45
"death" - how many songs come up?: none, but "dead" gets two results
"hate" - how many songs come up?: 3
"wish" - how many songs come up?: 3
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[Poll #1437477]
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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on...

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interview me! )
In other news... Mrs. F said something totally epic today.
"You can mess with me - but leave my kid out of it."

EPIC WIN. It's so badass. ;]
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Also, can someone direct me to the latest Closer episode? I want to see it. :] I hear that Mary is epic in it, but since when was she not?

In the meantime...
I'm all for making epic siggy banners. Except I need the time. ;D
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I'm BACK! What did I miss? ;]

Camp was... okay, I guess. Great food, frendly people, but terrible weather! And the mosquitos are evil! Evil, I say. Grrrrrrrrr, evol mosquitoes of evollllll.

Hum... I'm missing Mrs. F again. Tried to induce the Gaius Baltar Complex, but it's not working. :[

Another thing... I'm thinking about changing my journal header and layout. I've changed my layout and I'm thinking of getting another header. Any ideas?
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Welcome to my lj, my newfound buddies[info]own_the_sky (*bows to thy epic icon-making skillz*) and[info]outintherain! Hope you've got your seatbelts fastened; it's going to be an insanely bumpy ride. :D

And for my other flisters, it's going to be the same insanely bumpy ride you've all undertaken so many times before. Heh.

I've been reading BagEnders - for all you psycho LotR fans who don't mind crackfic, GO READ IT. It'll make you double over laughing. Seriously. What's not to love about the Fellowship in the houseshare from hell? Kinda makes me want to write a drabble of life on Earth v.2, with immortal BSG characters all stuck in the same hous. Starring Colonel Tigh as Gandalf, Adama and Roslin as Aragorn and Legolas (kinda shows you how slashy BagEnders got), Starbuck and Leemo as Merry and Pippin (ditto), Billy as Boromir, Chief as Gimli, and I guess Gaius as Frodo, suffering from Post-Tool Of God Syndrome and still seeing Head!Six all over the place as he tries to cook dinner and act all housewifey over everyone else.

I'd totally see them reminescing over dinner about how we've progressed/recessed, complete with stories about Adama being in the US navy as an Admiral, how they all fought in the Civil War except for Roslin, who went to live with the Sioux/Comanche (total Dances With Wolves reference there), how, before that, how Gaius made a total fool of himself in Ancient Rome... :P

Anyways, I'm going to cut off my rambling. Why?

Cause I'm going CAMPING. Again. In the friggin' desert. There's no sense of temperature in this, is there?

Of course, there probably won't be intrawebz, so I'll be gone for the weekend starting Friday afternoon. I think.

But Friday's the seventeenth, so...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in advance), MRS. F!
(and a happy belated birthday to [info]julyflame and [info]lil_ani and everyone else on my flist who had a birthday recently!)

I hope every single one of you birthday kids (and kids-at-heart) have a frakking awesome day! Don't eat too much cake! I ate too much ice-cream cake at my cousin's b-day party and I've renewed my hatred for whipped frosting. Especially the awful pale green sort that looks fit for Cake Wrecks. And speaking of wrecked cakes, hope you didn't have to send a photo of your cake over to that awesome blog because someone mispelled your name/mispelled "happy birthday"/had bad grammar/inappropriately decorated the cake/used incorrectly placed quotation marks/created a fugly cupcake cake (ptooey!) with four-inch thick frosting/etc.

Many happy returns! If you have requests for a sticky note doodle, don't hesitate to ask. :]
(confound it, where did I put the Doc Cottle one that I drew three months ago?)

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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension44
Your crimeLegolas/Gimli fic where Legolas is only 103.
Who reported younnaylime
Your fateBack the next day on one of your many sockpuppet accounts.

But... I DON'T EVEN WRITE SLASH, DAMNIT. And [ profile] nnaylime , are you really in the LotR fandom, too? :\
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And it is EPIC. But realllllllly hard, because you have to choose between Mary's characters...but they're all kickass. :P

Stands With A Fist totally pwns everyone. Except for Laura. :DDDDDD

After that, what did I do? I played Super Mario Smash Brawl (or whatever you call it) as Zelda, Peach, and Kirby. I lost. ;] We totally need a BSG version! RDM, are you listening???

Played around in Photoshop today and this is the end result.
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Billy Mays is dead!

All I know about him is that he was satirized in a Musical Theatre skit at school (Billy Mays in Wonderland) and that he has something to do with Oxiclean. :P

The only thing I remember about him is hearing about the parody!skit in which he drinks Oxiclean and lands in Wonderland. Like Alice. And all of the Wonderland characters are all like, "Are you Alice?" and he replies, "I used to be." Creepy.

Anyways. Billy Mays is dead. Who else? No one I know, I hope.

I'm bored. Amuse me.
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Pulled something in my neck today and it HURTS whenever I try to turn my head. Grr.

At this rate I probably will have to miss out on the big epic ice-skating reunion that one of my classmates has planned for tomorrow. This does not make me happy. Grr.

I wanna take a nap. :[

Yesterday I went to watch the 2D version of Monsters vs Aliens with an old friend, Christine. Such. An. Epic. Movie. Though I can't help noticing that Galaxar's spaceship looks like a Cylon Baseship gone wrong.

There are many copies... and they have a PLAN!!!!

Why does Earth have to get attacked so often? Why not... oh, I don't know, Mars? But then I guess the danger isn't really brought home for us. I did like how everything happened in California and that the President (still guys? SERIOUSLY?) can play the piano and screams like a little girl.

After the movie, Christine and I commented on each other's yearbooks (we brought them) and talked of life and the PPC (she's the human inspiration for Agent Christianne Shieh - sadistic, messy with occasional OCD impulses, a great friend notwithstanding...)

For dinner we went to a curry resturant. I think I get my bitching skills from my mom; she spent a good deal of dinner complaining and arguing over our orders with the manager and the waiters. I don't think we'll be popular at resturants. Ever. (maybe except at that Korean BBQ resturant...)
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First Farrah Fawcett. Then Lorena Gale (ELOSHAAAAAAAAAA! *cries*).

Now Michael Jackson.

Possibly Jeff Goldblum (his is a hoax, haha!) and Harrison Ford, too. (also a hoax. And so were the rumors of Obama taken to the hospital)

Seriously, what's up with God today? Is he pissed off at us or something? 'Cause that might explain the suddenly very long obituary pages.

*looks worriedly at flisters and RL friends* Don't die on me, kay? Especially you. And you. And you.
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So I was wandering around on Geekologie... and I came across a whole robot section. Creeeeeeeepy.

Some interesting ones...

Robotic Elmo Toy? Holy crap, would you call that a skin job? Or a fuzz job?

Firebreathing Cylon Robot of Death! Screw nukes; run for your lives!

Six and Eight are vidicated, sort of. That robot was designed to emulate love went on to emulate stalking.

What's not to say that Cylons can't play rock-paper-scissors?

Some people really want their humanoid cylons back. Aiko looks like she came out of a Japanese anime. Lisa was designed to be the "perfect woman". And the guy who created Aiko wants to pull a Baltar and frak her.

And the crowning creepy: The Evolution of Robots. Pretty CGI effects, but CREEPY.

*looks around for an escape ship*
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My Milk Toof, by Inhae.

all together now...

They're so icon-able! *melts*
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How presidential. I wonder if Laura Roslin knows how to do it like that, too! ;]


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