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there was an icon meme earlier today. now there isn't.

now there are pictures.



meow )

In other news... Mrs. F, Caitlyn, and I want to go to Dragon*Con, but it's on the other side of the country. *pouts* As soon as I get wind of one with Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff in the Los Angeles area, we are so going and we're going to dress up! :]

I think I'll go as Boomer for Halloween. Now, where do I get military tanks?

Mrs. F looks very presidential. She has a suit jacket and a white crossover blouse. ;]

Oh, and in other-other news, it's [ profile] icedteainthebag 's birthday! :] Bill looks like Lawrence of Arabia. :P )
Happy birfday, icedtea. You wanted Bill in Laura's headscarf. ;]
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I call it "in the rain". Looks pretty sunny to me, though...


In the Rain )Scanner's blurred it a little. *smites scanner* Oh well.
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Yup, yup. Whose birfday is it? Not mine, but it's Camilla's! (And the King of Norway's, but he doesn't write awesome fanfic... right?)

birthday present under the cut )
So yeah. Happy birthday, [ profile] misscam . Many happy reunions, too! :]
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hopefully icons will pop up some day in [profile] lepetitrienafter this. :]

not all of these are BSG related.

doodles )
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Here's some more pretty doodles. I've learned that blue paper works the best.
(And I also re-scanned pandora's birfday pwessent onto this. Sorry 'bout that.)

I've also made a slew of icons based on these, but those I'll post some other day.
twelve doodles )
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Don't let the title fool you. It's actually an icon dump. 42 pretty photoshop iconses... :]

Yup, I'm addicted to photoshop. What?

Teaser: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

pretty iconses this way )Comments are love! If you're snagging, please credit. :]
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I am so frakking sorry about this. Frakking internet.doodles under the cut )Happy Birfday, pandorabox82! )
(and blame the scanner for lack of corners)
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Nine sticky note doodles and A/R in color. Cheers!
Cut da pic to save your flist. Aren't I nice? )
Nine cartoons. The first two and the two with Tigh in them were requested by [ profile] missbevcrusher  and [ profile] pandorabox82 , respectively. Hope they cheer up your day!
Cute A/R is cute. So say we all. )
Roslin and Adama, now in Prismacolor. Whoo!
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One of my friends is currently in a very, very nice relationship with a guy named David. This morning, they were sitting together in THE most adorable pose. I didn't have a camera, but I did have a pencil. So I sketched the pose. I had drawn it on the back of some printout to save paper, so I edited out the lines on the back  as nicely as I can...
Roslin and Adama under the cut )
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Three pieces of BSG artwork ... enjoy?
Two Lauras and a Six... )
The Costume Guide is, like, four pages long and I'm too lazy to scan it now. >.< Some other day.
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So I was messing around on artpad and this is what happens. Harhar. The question now is...

Is this Laura Roslin or someone else? Food for thought.

Coming up sooner or later: Colored!Six and Eight and Laura Roslin's Wardrobe: A Color Guide


Jan. 16th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Oh my frakking gods, IT'S HERE!!!!!
Season 4.5 is here on the sunny Pacific coast! Alas, because I HAVE NO FRAKKING CABLE, I'll have to wait tomorrow to watch the first awesome episode. Gah.

All the photos of me in my "Laura Roslin" costume turned out awful fugly, so I'm not posting them. I'll draw it if y'all want me to, though! ;]

Anyways, here's an artspam of some of my BSG artwork! Might as well look back. ;]
Pretty pretty piccies under the cut )

So that's that. I'm already starting a costume study for Laura's outfits (to prevent future fugly outfits like that hideous green coat) and will get the Opera House hairstyle up sooner or later. Hopefully tomorrow. :]

~Lily, who is still complaining about her lack of cable. Gosh, even though my parents have three houses (two of which are rented out to people), we don't have frakking cable. What the frak?
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So here is my little guide to correctly portraying our beloved Madame President's most common hairdos. I've seperated them by season, but they tend to intermingle. And no, I didn't include her bald. The little notes in the parentheses are the Prismacolor pencil numbers. Also, note the terrible editing. It's just me being lazy as usual, and I had cut out two hairdos that were definetly not Laura's. Don't fret.

Screencaps courtesy of [ profile] ar_images ,, and
Hairstyle Guide Under The Cut ) So yeah, I can't wait for the next season! On Friday I'm dressing like Madame President and cutting the corners of my sandwich. Whoo!
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[ profile] misscam  wrote a drabble for me. It was spiffy. So I drew fanart for it. I don't know if it's just as spiffy.

It can be said that life is spiffy right now. There's five full-length BSG episode clips on SciFi, one of which is Revelations. I'm going to watch them all while I still can--they do take them off after a while.

Oh, and my chorus instructor cancelled lessons on the 16th because everyone else had finals. *snerk* More power to me!

Spiffy. That's the word of the day. Remember it.
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It started with a fanfic.
I was browsing through my f-list, bored out of my skull. And then I saw it.
It was a fanfic. "Human Familiarities [BSG, Adama/Roslin]", it read.
What the frak? It was one of those moments when you see acronyms that you don't recgonize, terms you don't understand. Quite like that day when I first encountered fanfic--I didn't know what the heck a Mary Sue was until I checked the nearest fandom dictionary.
Whatever, I thought. Might as well take a look at it. After all, Miss Cam converted me to Canon-worship...
She did it again. When I finished that fanfic, I was hooked. Partly because Laura Roslin and Bill Adama reminded me of a couple in Real Life that I knew very well. Both women were teachers with red hair, glasses, and cancer; both men had military experience. Is it not uncanny that they all had similar (if not identical) names as well? Gahhh, I was addicted.

So in honor of a new obsession, here's two piccies.
Laura Roslin, in a red dress. Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea what color her eyes are, so frak that. Inspiration came from Cam's fanfic "Far More Trouble", specifically the following line:
It was always warm in his head, summer and sun and suave; Laura in a bright red dress and her hair redder still, beckoning him. There was always grass, tall enough to hide in and soft enough to lie on. There was always her laughter, always most of all.

And even if I already sent a card, I was feeling excessive lurve. Thus, here's a holiday pic. I don't give a frak about mistletoe not exsisting in space; let's just assume there's a plot hole somewhere.

Happy Holidays, Miss Cam. Thanks for the convert. And the fanfic. And the pretty Norway card.
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Foxglove, Laburnum, Molly, and Moses. On closer look you might find stuff deleted--stupid scanner won't scan the original greetings so I had to type them out and omit the pen marks. >.<

Forgive the dots; I couldn't resist. If you want an un-splattered pic, tell me. ^^;

And there will probably be more as soon as I remember...
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It's Piccie Posting Time!

This is Agent Cassie Young. Here ya go, [ profile] cassie5squared, enjoy! 
For the artistically critical, yes I'm aware that one arm appears to be longer than the other. But I'm also aware that I suck at proportions and nearly failed them in math, so yeah.

Look, it's my favorite couple! Dafydd looks a little too happy-go-lucky, though. And I got the month wrong. It was July.

A set of LJ icons based off of [ profile] huinesoron  and [ profile] celebestel 's luverly wedding pics. If you are not them, tell me if you're going to snatch any of these icons. Credit to them and me are strongly suggested.    

Jasmine Illian-Sims, or at least, my interpretation of her. Can be a Mary Sue if you want.

Credit goes to [ profile] cassie5squared for giving me the idea to draw this. And that's a calla lily. One of my all-time favorite lilies. Stargazer and madonna lilies are pretty, too.

Self-portrait, but my hair is parted in the center. It's also not that straight, nor that short. And my lips and eye placement are not realistic, either. So we'll call this a self-caricature.

Eledhwen looks mad. I don't know why. Actually, this is the elleth walking a little behind Legolas in the coronation scene in RotK.
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This is just the awesomeness of awesome. And now I'm overusing the word awesome because it's so awesome.
Forgot which site I got it from but...*sigh*

Now, back to NaNoWriMo!
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Piccies and Icons! Whoo!

Constance Sims dressed as a Black Cat (heh, I couldn't help it) for Halloween and also looking chibi-ish.

Halloween-ish Icon for the Halloween-ish piccie.

'Cos that's what they are!

Another version of that. x]

Dafydd is COLORED! *faints*
(That took me a while because I have no WACOM tablet. >.<)

Constance is also COLORED!

Yeyz. Well, that's all for now. Feel free to use icons, but please credit.
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So here's some
Caspian and Susan. A bigger picture can be found in my deviantART gallery.

A considerably older picture that also is my first picture of everyone in the Fellowship.
Can't read the words? Check my gallery again.

Another Caspian/Susan picture. I'm no Canon Purist when it comes to C.S. Lewis, as you can somewhat see.
Check my gallery for a bigger pic.

Pissed-off elleths are Not Good. Pissing an elleth off, especially a elven PPC Agent, is a Bad Idea.

Just proof that I suck at drawing with a mouse. Where's that WACOM tablet when you really need one?

We hold these truths to be self-evident; that most, if not all, teachers are stressed out by their students, and that most, if not all, students are annoyed at their teachers. My science teacher and I are no exception to the rule. 
Want a nice glossy print or something like that? This is at my gallery, too.  

So that concludes the Giant Artwork-Pimping Post. See ya later.


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