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Bryan Singer might do a Battlestar Galactica movie - and not based on the shiny one that I love.

I know, let's take a moment to bask in the irony. It's our time to complain about how someone's mangling our beautiful Canon.

Just get a load of this:

If I heard De Santo correctly at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, his pre-Moore series idea was to reveal that the genocidal Cylons were secretly taking their marching orders from humans. Other reports suggest De Santo wanted a Boxey-led colonial fleet to battle a borgified Apollo, who was apparently assimilated into the Cylon fleet via cybernetic implants.
BOXEY LEADING THE FLEET. LOL. EPIC LULZ. WHAT THE FRAK?! I don't get it. Or maybe it's just because we've seen Boxey as a kid. Hearing that he'll take Bill's place is just creepy.

And how would modern fans greet a new Galactica shorn of Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, Kara Thrace and Galen Tyrol?
SO SAY WE ALL. Laura and Bill were the main reason why I got into BSG. And that's also the reason I don't like the Original Series (other than the terrible hair, of course) - no Laura, no female president, no kickass airlockery.

This does not a happy Lily make. :P

Date: 2009-08-13 10:59 am (UTC)
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The original has nostalgia love for me, even though it is complete crack and maleStarbuck is a dick, but I have lots of little girl love for original Apollo, and I was always dissapointed we never got to see re-imagined Sheba (lots of little girl love for her too ;)). But it needs added Laura now, she's spoilt me completely, but them most things would benefit from added Mary.

But dammit, I need my nuBSG fixit continuation, where they don't all die because RDM has a romantic view of nature! I'd even take EJO's script, even if it is full of Adama's emo tooth-brushing!


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